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Frogg Toggs Men's Pro Action Jacket.

Meet the Classic ultra-lightweight, breathable rain suit that made frogg toggs® famous.. The bomber-style Pro Action™ suit features a full-cut design and is so lightweight, you can store it easily. And like all frogg toggs® suits, the molded polymer zippers and polymer snaps eliminate the worry of rust, even in snow and saltwater conditions.

Frogg Toggs Jacket Features

  • Fully adjustable, tuck away hood with zip closure
  • 1” elastic waistband
  • 1” wrist bands designed to keep rain out
  • Front zipper closure
  • Snap shut storm flaps

Frogg Toggs Jacket Sizing

  • Men’s Frogg Toggs suits run large.
  • On the sizing chart pay close attention to the height and weight.
  • If you are a MAN and are straddling the fence between two sizes then always go with the smaller of the two sizes.
  • Do not upsize to fit over your under clothing as this will likely cause your suit to be too large

Size Chart

Size Height Weight
S 4'8"-5'4" Under 120
M 5'2"-5'10" 120-150lbs
L 5'6"-6'3" 150-190lbd
XL 5'10"-6'5" 190-230lbs
2XL 6'0"-6'8" 230-285lbs
3XL 6'2"-6'10" 285-400lbs

4 stars
3 stars
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Most Helpful Reviews :

Mens Frogg Toggs Pro Action Jacket Review

by - verified purchaser
Not really much to say about it. It keeps me dry. Wouldn't win any fasion shows but thats not what it's about is it. In light rain I don't bother with it, just put my water proof pants, boot covers, and leather jacket on. In heavy rain I wear this over my leather jacket because a wet leather jacket stays wet for days and smells horrible. Only used it once so far. Wish it folded up a bit smaller, takes more room then I would like in my bag.

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Frogg Toggs Rain jackey

by - verified purchaser
I did not read any where that it was made out of glorified paper. This a Christmas gift for my son but I am sure he will want to return it. I am extremely disappointed..

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Poly Jacket _ Not Paper

by - verified purchaser
Bought a cheap jacket to get me by in a pinch, well, when I needed it it was more than a pinch. It seemed like thick paper and I was more than a little worried that I would be soaked in less than a mile but I was wrong. The arms were long enough to fit up on to my glove cuffs and the elastic was tight enough to seal up well. A good stretch cord at the waist. I wore the hood under my helmet and it was fine, I could hear my com system the same as without it and my neck stayed dry. Rode about 125 miles of medium to blinding rain and only my feet got damp. You have to use it to understand how well it works, no one is more surprised than me. One of the best values for dollar spent I've ever gotten. Do I still want a nicer looking coat with brighter colors and pockets? Yes....Will I get rid of this jacket? Oh H**L NO!!!

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