DOT German Motorcycle Helmet 115 Chrome

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DOT German Motorcycle Helmet 115 Chrome

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About the DOT German Motorcycle Helmet 115 Chrome

German Army Motorcycle Helmets are very popular and were available only as novelty helmets. Now we have them certified. These are the World War 1(wwi) and World War 2 (wwii) German Army style motorcycle helmets.

Item Code: 115Chrome
Style:German Army Style
DOT Certified:Yes

Our helmets meet or exceed DOT FMVSS 218 specifications.

DOT German Motorcycle Helmet 115 Chrome Features

  • Weight : Approximately 26 0z
  • Fastener : Stainless Steel Dual D-rings
  • Fabric Helmet Bag and Owners Manual included
  • Quality plush and absorbent Interior
  • DOT clear coated in the back

Size Chart for the DOT German Motorcycle Helmet 115 Chrome

Please use a cloth tape to take your measurement. It is better to have a helper do the measuring in order to get a more accurate measurement. The circumference of the head should be measured at a point approximately one inch above the eyebrows, or at whatever point gives the largest possible measurement. If you find that your measurement falls between two sizes, choose the smaller size.

XS - 20 1/4 - 20 7/8" ( or 52-53 cm)

S - 21 - 21 5/8" ( or 54-55 cm)

M - 21 3/4 - 22 3/8" ( or 56-57 cm)

L - 22 1/2 - 23 1/8" ( or 58-59 cm)

XL - 23 1/4 - 24" ( or 60-61 cm)

XXL - 24 1/8 - 24 7/8" ( 62-63 cm)

Customer Reviews

Rated 9 out of 10 based on 48 reviews
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Very nice

Comment: The exterior is very nice, very good chrome. The strap is very well made also. The inside feels like cheap styrofoam, it looks like it will compact a lot with use.

Wanley Donat



german helmet

Comment: Bought this as a summer helmet but can`t stop wearing it !!! It looks so good, two other riders have bought one each in my club !!!!

Robert J. Gordon "Street Bob"

Halifax, UK


German Helmet Chrome

Comment: This helmet is everything I expected, and especially since it is DOT approved. It arrived in 2 days as promised and I paid with pay pal. This was my first purchase with Jafrum and will order the Chaps on my next purchase based on the reviews that I have read by othes.

Anthony, 1600 Nomad Rider

Ellenwood, GA


German helmet chrome

Comment: This is the coolest helmet I own. Not only does it look great, it fits perfectly. A great buy at a great price. I recommend it.


San Juan Island, WA


Chrome German Helmet

Comment: Arrived in 2 days, awesome quality, looks, and comfort! Saved JAFRUM as one of my favorites. Helmet matches the Rocker C I just bought, very CHROMED!

Duane Keezer

Coxsackie, NY


Chrome German Helmet

Comment: Looks great, well-made, arrived quickly. What's not to like?!


Albany, NY


Great Product

Comment: Great Service.. Great Product..Thanks

Marlon Gibson

Columbus, MS


Great Look

Comment: Bought this item and love it. It has a great look for anyone riding a nice custom old school ride (like my '06 Covington Speedster). Chromed nicely and comes with a nice storage bag to keep it clean.




Everyone wants one

Comment: This helmet looks good. After wearing it, I was asked several times where I got it. I told them.




Chrome German Helmet

Comment: Great looking, great fitting helmet. I can't even feel it on my head. I'm going to order another as a carry with.

Mike Angelo



Comment: my bud bought this one I got the black they did'nt have my size or it would in my possien! It looks great but don't drop it! cause it will scratch like nobodys busy for the money buy 2 use one everday and the other for bike shows shoot i dont know how they sell them so cheap being DOT approved retail [...] bucks if you want it just get it you only live once and the chrome is safer on a sunny day you gonna think a dang commet flying down the highway blinden old people!


Down South


Chrome German Helmet

Comment: This has to be the best fitting helmet that ,I have ever put on head. For the cheap price but has quality, fit and comfort.

Archie Vining Jr

Morgan City,La.

Chrome DOT Helmet

Comment: Love it, great looking and fit great too. Would recommend it to anyone!




Comment: Don't let the reasonable price fool you, these helmets are GREAT! I own two, a chrome and a carbon fiber. Well worth the money!



115Chrome Great Half Helmet

Comment: This helmet is what I expected it to be. Looks great and great price. Great service from a top site.

B. Dunn


Chrome Half Helmets

Comment: Great helmet, great fit, great service..enough said!



Nice and fun helmet!

Comment: Grabs the looks for sure. Pretty nice helmet and great for the price!



Chrome German Motorcycle Helmet

Comment: Just received today, great looking helmet and good fit. Best site on the net with fast shipping. I have bought luggage, chaps, rain gear and helmet's from Jafrum. Can't get over the quality of the merchandise that they sell for the great price's. This is my favorite site and I will be

Tom A.

Columbia, MD

Chrome german helmet

Comment: Nice helmet confortable and for a resonable price, very satisfied with the product and the prompt delivery. The helmet was delivered and received within a day after ordered.


Richmond, Va

German Motorcycle Helmet 115 Chrome

Comment: Not really fond of styrofoam, but make sure to get the right size and you'll be happy.

Slo n' Easy

Houston, TX

Great helmet - DOT Approved

Comment: Love it. DOT approved even better.



Chrome German Helmet

Comment: Awesome, it was what I was expecting. Fits better than any other helmet that I have worn. If need be, I will buy another one and recommend to others.

Aaron McCafferty

Clearfield, UT

German helmet

Comment: Great product absolutely love it shipped very quick as well.

Tony Hd 883

Panama city, FL





My Chrome Helmet Review

Comment: Great helmet , fits great, thank you.



Great Chrome for your Dome

Comment: A very shiny classy skid lid. It is almost like a mirror so when you stop you can look to see if there are any bugs in your teeth.



German Motorcycle Helmet

Comment: As always, ease of online ordering, quality and value keep me returning to Jafrum. My biker buddies in The ALR have commented favoribly and admireably about the helmet.


Douglas, AZ

115 Chrome German Helmet

Comment: Awesome Helmet! Get great comments with the word "Cool Helmet! Where did you get it?" and for being a girl, it is stylish !

Larissa Cruz

Champaign, IL

German Helmet

Comment: The service from Jafrum is greeeeeeeat, I just did'nt like the helmet. The helmet is too big and bulky, if it was the size of the novelty helmet it would be perfect.

Cedric Peyton

Lorain, OH

115Chrome German Helmet

Comment: I love the helmet, I did have to remove the foam from the inside and alter it to fit my head so as not to sit so high. Other than that it's great...


KY/ Tn

Cool helmet

Comment: First of all the helmet is very cool looking! The helmet quality is much more than I expected. It s a very good helmet! Better have a windshield because this thing is anything but wind resistant. It is very, very noisey! Its an awesome helmet, but the wind resistance and the noise is a lot of work!



DOT German Motorcycle Helmet Chrome

Comment: Very satisfed with this product

Larry Davis


German Helmet

Comment: I bought this helmet for my husband and he loves it.

Taunje S.

Sebree, Ky

Chrome Finish Half Motorcycle Helmet

Comment: I received the helmet sooner that I expect. The fit was great. I've only had the change to wear it once since I got it but my ride buddies comment on it. It's great.

Glenn T. summers

Decherd, Tennessee

Great Helmet

Comment: Very nice and comfortable. More comfortable than the WW II version of the helmet. Now I can quit wearing those novelty helmets.


Texoma, Tx

German Helmet

Comment: Awesome helmet use it all the time highly recommend getting one!



Not too thrilled!

Comment: Very disappointed in this product!Its looks ridiculous on my head and I had to tear some of the foam out to get to sit lower on my dome!Its not too comfortable either!

The guy that doesn't reccomend this helmet


Feels like sitting high on my head

Comment: Quality and nice helmet. Love the German design. Not sure about waring the chrome, though. Only complaint is how thick the protective stuff inside. Helmets feel like they are sitting too high on my head.

Rudy Kramer

Florence, Oregon

Nice Helmet!

Comment: First, every review I read talked about how fast the shipping was. I was dissapointed in the fact that it took awhile to get to me. With that said, The helmet it's self is awesome! Comfortable, it doesn't lift at higher speeds. My biggest concern buying this helmet, was the fact that it does dip down as German style helmets do, and touch your ears. I was concerned if weather or not I could wear my riding eyewear without any problems. It wasn't an issue at all. I can wear my eye protection comfortably! It's a great helmet, and I notice lots of people looking at it when I ride buy!! IT DOES grab attention! ha ha GREAT!!


New York

Great Helmet

Comment: Nice product but still too small for me XXL ,,Still looking for a larger German style that fits better.


Lake Ontario

Pretty good

Comment: Haven't used it much but the chrome looks good. It is a solid helmet for the price although the size turned out to be a big larger than I thought it'd be.


New York

Awesome helmet

Comment: Cool Cool Cool. Chrome is perfect, not a flaw. I bought this helmet for myself. I'll wear every time I ride.

steve hooker

Princeton Il.

Nice product overall !

Comment: I received the products I ordered in a very timely manner. Up on opening the package, everything was just as I was hoping for at first sight. The helmet is well made and really stands out. However, I found that it sets a lot higher off my head thsn I had hoped for, as I was looking for a more low profile type skull cap. Still all in all, very nice lid, & props to Jafrum on suck a dpeedy delivery.


Olla, LA

German Chrome Helmet 115 Review

Comment: I Love My Chrome German Helment It Fit Well I Can Put My Long Beautiful Hair Under It So Well.Guys AND Girls Aways Telling Me How Much They Love It.It Is Really Awsome!!!! Am Leaving For Maimi In Three Wks Had to have it.

Carolyne Williams


DOT German Motorcycle Helmet 115 Chrome Review

Comment: chrome is good ,the Styrofoam sucks helmut is to small even after measureing several times , no sence sending it back as the shipping both ways dam near equals the price of another helmut guess ill make a pigy bank out of it ,,my gal got some chaps for me on here and they totally rock


ashcroft canada

I like it!

Comment: Fits good. Do measure though. Not too big as far as the mushroom head. Looks Kool. Comfortable


Hartford, WI

Great Helmet!

Comment: The helmet was exactly as described. I've had similar helmets in the past, but this one FAR surpasses them in terms of quality. The chin strap fits well, and is comfortable on long rides (rode 400 miles a week after I got it). The helmet sits well on my head (bear in mind that this style sits higher than other helmets), and the chrome shines bright!!

Bryan B

Richmond, KY

Good Looks! HCI 115 Chrome Review

Comment: Everyone loves my new helmet! I even had to get one for my brother-in-law! Great price and quality service. Thx!

Mike Arthur

Colfax, IN

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