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HJC CL-Max II Helmets

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HJC CL-Max 2 Helmets

The HJC CL Max II comes in a variety of colors and two styles; the Solid and Zander. Priced in the mid-range, the HJC CL Max II features a polycarbonate shell and HJ-17 quick slide shield. DOT certified, riders who have purchased this helmet loved the price and the great fit the helmet gives them even while the rider is wearing eye glasses. Jafrum is where you can purchase your helmet needs at the lowest prices.

HJC CL-Max 2 Modular Helmet
List Price: $139.99
Sale Price: $125.99 – $139.49
HJC CL-Max2 Atomic Helmet
List Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $143.99 – $148.49
HJC CL-Max 2 Atomic Helmet With Electric Shield
List Price: $254.99
Sale Price: $229.49 – $233.99