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HJC CS-2N Helmets

HJC CS-2N Half Helmet


You save: $6 (10%)

HJC HJ-V6 CS-2N Helmet Shield


You save: $2 (10%)

HJC CS-2N Neck Curtain


You save: $1 (10%)

HJC IS-2/CS-2N Visor


You save: $1 (10%)

HJC CS-2N Helmets comes in two styles; the solid, which comes in various colors, and the Razor. Priced in the low range, the CS-2N is made out of a light weight thermoplastic alloy shell and has a removable neck curtain, low profile visor and nylon strap retention system that secures the chin strap. This helmet is DOT certified and riders who have purchased this helmet love the zip out liner, the light weight and the price.