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HJC FG-Jet Helmet.

HJC FG-Jet Helmet Features

  • Cutting Edge Open-Face Design with Inner SunShield Cutting Edge Open-Face Design with Inner SunShield
  • Advanced Kevlar and Fiberglass Matrix Composite Weave Shell: Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology
  • For a perfect fit, FG-Jet comes in 3 different shells: 1st shell for XS-S sizing, 2nd for M-L sizing & 3rd for XL-2XL sizing
  • SilverCool™ Interior: Moisture-wicking and odor-free liners with advanced anti-bacterial fabric. Crown and cheek pads are fully removable and washable. All sizes of cheek pads are interchangeable in all helmet sizes
  • U.V. Treated 3D Anti-Scratch Clear Faceshield
  • QuickSlide™ Tool-less Shield Replacement System
  • Integrated Smoke-tinted SunShield One-Touch Deploys Quickly & Easily. Three Stage Multiple Positions Patent Pending*
  • “ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation System: Full front to back airflow flushes heat and humidity up and out
  • Meets or exceeds D.O.T. standards * SunShield System ( US Patent No. 7,540,033 )


  • The FG-JET has 3 distinct shell sizes.
  • 1st Shell XS thru SM 1435g (+/- 50g) 3.16lbs
  • 2nd Shell MD thru LG 1480g (+/- 50g) 3.26lbs
  • 3rd Shell XL thru 3XL 1545g (+/- 50g) 3.41lbs

HJC FG-Jet Helmet Sizing

Wrap a tape measure horizontally around your forehead. Select the helmet that is the closest fit to that size. A helmet should fit snug on your head. If it moves while wearing, it is too large. If it is painful to wear, it is too small.

Size Chart



Hat Size



54-556 3/4 - 6 7/821 1/4 - 21 5/8


55-566 7/8 - 722 5/8 - 22


57-587 1/8 - 7 1/422 1/2 - 22 7/8


58-597 1/4 - 7 3/822 7/8 - 23 1/4


60-617 1/2 - 7 5/823 5/8 - 24


62-637 3/4 - 7 7/824 3/8 - 24 3/4


64-658 - 8 1/825 1/4 - 25 5/8

Most Helpful Reviews :

HJC HiViz Jet

by - verified purchaser
Good fit well made very visible

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Excellent Value And Function

by - verified purchaser
Very visible based on comments from friends who have said they "can see me coming from a mile away". The retractable eye visor works great and allows you to quickly get it up and out of the way. The 3-position closure works well. The face shield easily comes off and attaches. Ventilation is very good. The fit is comfortable, I can ride for several hours without getting the dreaded "head in vise" feeling. Excellent value.

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Very Happy

by - verified purchaser
Really like the HJC open face helmet I purchased from Jafrum. I feel I have better vision than with my full face Helmet. Plus I ware glasses that fit better in the open face helmet. Also very happy with Jafrum the ordering was quick and easy, and was surprised bow fast I received it.

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GREAT AIR FLOW ! HJC FG Jet Solids Review

by - verified purchaser
Bought this helmet for my wife. She loves it. Fits good, looks great. Best air flow of any helmet, a really big plus in this desert heat. Shipping was fast. Could not be happier.

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Great Helmet

by - verified purchaser
Worth every dollar! Wind noise is very minimum for a 3/4 helmet.

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HJC FG-Jet Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
Great helmet, good quality, nice features.

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Holy Cow!!

by - verified purchaser
I've been looking for a helmet with a drop-down sun visor and picked this one, due to the great reviews. Even though the size chart has me at a small, I ordered the next size up. Wow! Either my head grew in 2 days or the size chart is way off. I could barely get my head into a medium. And, after a few minutes of panic, I was able to remove it, although I thought I ripped off an ear in the process. The way the cheek pads came almost to the corners of my mouth reminded me of modualr helmets, which freak me out. I might as well stick my head into a small bucket. Also, the sun visor only came down to just below my eyes, so I could see the bottom, whichrendered it useless. I'm returning this for the IS-33, in a large and will keep my fingers crossed.

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Good helmet

by - verified purchaser
I wanted to have cooler helmet in the summer than my modular and this helmet works for that purpose. The vents definitely work well and the full visor keeps the wind out. However, even with the vents closed, it is very noisy. I have an XL and it fits great once it is on but is very tight to get over my head. Jafrum is always quick on delivery and take care of returns promptly.

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Good Looking

by - verified purchaser
I wear hi-vis yellow a lot. This hat will match perfectly. Ordered a 2XXL and could barely squeeze it on. Also, the helmet is incompatible with my Scala road-talkers since there is no way to mount them. I've been wearing HJC headgear for years and find the fit and design of this one a step down. My hi-vis Scorpion EXO 900 is just too heavy for my old neck or I would just dust it off.

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by - verified purchaser
Ive bought a bunch of stuff from jafrum. Everything fits right and shows up super fast. Will be a loyal customer for years to come.

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I Like The FG-Jet

by - verified purchaser
I have 6 helmets and I think 2 or 3 may be HJC. The one I used most was an HJC IS-33. If you look quickly, the helmets appear to be very similar but when you put in on the difference is noticeable. Both are XL but the FG-Jet fits more snug than the IS-33. I go cross-country most years and I love the integrated sun-shield that they have in common. I can't tell about the new venting since it hasn't been really hot yet. The fact that the helmet has an "Advanced Kevlar and Fiberglass Matrix Composite Weave Shell" which sounds very fancy may be the biggest reason why the Jet helmet is more comfortable. All I can say is my head likes it. The FG-Jet is the best HJC helmet on my rack. At the selling price I think it is a real value. The IS-33 will be sent to the back of the rack. Hope this is helpful.

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HJC FG Jet Review

by - verified purchaser
Just bought a new Streetglide so I figured since I was jumping to comfort I should upgrade my helmet. I wanted something quieter and something with a better fit and padding. It's perfect. I can still hear my stereo but the road noise is much less. The slide down sunshade works well too. I did a mirror tint face shield on it and that works well too and the tint isn't so dark that if you get caught out after dark you can still safely get home. Pretty darn happy and you can't beat the price!

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HI-Vis Yellow FG Jet

by - verified purchaser
Great helmet! I ride for hours at a time and it never tires my head or neck. When shield is all the way down it gets a little fog by my nostrils. Open it one tick and it goes away. No big deal. Love the helmet. Love Jafrum!

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by - verified purchaser
Great helmet! Fits true to size but if in doubt go one size up. I got the Hi-Viz Yellow and oh yeah, you can see me from a mile away! Keeps head warm in cold though chin may get chilly (rode today in 41 degree weather and 35 mph winds, at 60 mph bike speed). So far I have not gotten hot due to good vents. Light weight. Shield fogs on bottom from my nostrils so I just raise shield ONE TICK up and problem is gone. Jafrum customer service is awesome and fast!!! GREAT customer service!

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There are two main styles of ¾ or open face helmet styles that almost all of these helmets can be put into these days; retro, or vintage, and touring. There is also a new emerging category of hybrid open face helmets that we will cover in video just for the hybrids, but will hint at near the end of this video. Today we are going to look at 7 successful designs, 3 retro styles and four of the more sophisticated touring styles. All of the helmets we will check out today carry at least a DOT safety rating. Let’s start with a few retro models.

The first helmet I want to show you is the famed Bell Custom 500. This is a retro or vintage style helmet that incorporates modern safety design, materials, and technology. The Custom 500 is celebrating its sixtieth birthday and received a celebratory overhaul.

This new version has a whole new head shape combined with 5 individual EPS’s, one for each size helmet, which helps the helmet to look smaller on your head. I would love to show you how much better it fits, but this helmet has not yet been released as we’re filming this video, so this sample is a medium, which is obviously not happening on my head.

My friend Arfas, though, has a twenty two inch head circumference, and typically wears between a medium and a small. This medium fits well and sits nice and low on his head. This redesigned shape is also more accommodating to oval head shapes like mine, where the previous version was very round.

The custom 500 is available in seven colorways including this Matte Brown Metallic, and in sizes extra small to double extra-large. It features a retro looking quilted liner and snaps for adding a face shield. As far as quality goes, this is going to be the top of the line in the retro segment, and carries a five year warranty to back it up.

The next helmet we’re taking a look at today is the Speed and Strength SS600. This helmet doesn’t have quite the fit and finish that the Bell does, but is still nice looking for the money, and available in some sick looking graphics, like this Rooke Customs model. It has an ABS alloy shell as opposed to the fiberglass shell of the Bell. But, while ABS possesses less impact absorption than fiberglass, it’s more durable, and does a better job of handling daily riding abuse. The price is also about twenty five percent less in certain finishes.

The SS600 is available in sizes extra small to two x and, like most retro open face helmets, is designed for a round to intermediate oval head shape. I can wear it, but I need to go to a size larger than the fitment chart recommends for my head circumference. My head measures twenty three and half inches around, so I should fit in a large according to the chart, but I would be pretty uncomfortable in anything smaller than this XL.

Another feature not often found in the vintage segment is ventilation. The SS600 features intake and exhaust vent ports to keep you cool and dry in warmer weather.

Next, we have the value priced HCI-10. While this isn’t one of the premium helmets in this retro category, it is a good value for the budget conscious, and I like to try and offer a full specrum of price points, so you can get the most helmet for the dollars in your pocket. It also makes it easier for you to see the differences between a value-priced helmet and a premium helmet.

Like the other two retro helmets, this lid also has an intermediate oval shape. The fitment calls for an extra-large for my head measurement, which is correct front to back, but leaves a little too much room for side to side movement. Even with a rounder head, this helmet isn’t going to have as precise of a fit as a premium helmet. Time spent on research and development translates into higher helmet cost. Perfection isn’t the goal with a value priced helmet, affordability is.

A couple of other features you’ll have to do without are a wicking liner and ventilation. Also, my example here also is only equipped with three snaps, instead of five, which limits you a little bit on shield choice.

There are obviously numerous other retro ¾ helmet choices to consider as well, this is a rapidly growing market. If you have any questions about this helmet style, give our customer service a call at 1-877-GO-Helmet.

The next group of helmets we’re going to look at have a more modern styling, with modern features that are beneficial to a more touring oriented rider. I’m going to show you four of my favorites, including two of the most premium choices available.

First, we have the Shoei J Cruise. This is an ultra-premium choice from Shoei that really is one of the most feature packed open faced helmets available today. This helmet is designed to offer the wearer all of the best in each feature category. No cut corners with the J Cruise. The fit of this helmet is exactly what you would expect from Shoei. It’s precise. You feel the firm grip of the helmet on your head but there’s no hotspots. The size chart calls for a large for my head and this is definitely the right size. It’s pretty snug for now, but remember, you lose about a third of a size to break in. It’s available in a ton of colors, and the finishes on Shoei products are excellent.

One of the issues commonly had with open face helmets is buffeting and wind noise. Riders on all different styles of bikes like open face helmets, so the challenge for the helmet manufacturer, is creating a helmet that is going to ride smooth and quiet regardless of the motorcycles windshield setup, or lack thereof. The J Cruise was designed in a wind tunnel, and features like the ventilation, this new Integrated Air Dam design on the optically correct shield, the spring loaded baseplates, and the twin blade eye port gasket, work together to provide a surprisingly quiet ride.

You’re also getting premium features like an AIM shell with four shell sizes, a multi-piece EPS liner, and a retractable internal sunshade, not to mention the work of art that is the 3D Max Dry liner. The padding is actually contoured and constructed out of different thicknesses and densities of padding to provide the perfect fit.

Next we have another top of the line selection from the touring segment of open face helmets, the famed Arai XC. If you closed your eyes and had someone put this helmet on your head for you, you would swear it was a full face. That is because of this unique shell design where the jaw area actually extends over an inch farther than previous Arai open face models. The fit is a little bit rounder with the Arai than the Shoei. I don’t have quite as much room for my forehead with this model then I had with the Shoei. I have a long oval head form, though, so this helmet will fit great on most folks with more intermediate oval heads, Of course it’s an Arai, so you’re getting a hand laid fiberglass shell and a plush three dimensional liner construction.

There are two areas where the Shoei and the Arai do a give and take. The Arai gets a Snell safety rating, the Shoei does not. This definitely isn’t a deal breaker for me, but I know many riders get a lot of piece of mind from the Snell rating, so one point Arai. The area where the Shoei shines over the Arai is the shield system. There really is no comparison. There is so much feature tech put into this Shoei they’re going to be hard to catch. Every aspect of the Shoei’s shield system is smooth, and refined. The Arai’s just isn’t. The shield is difficult to remove, and the locking mechanism requires the wearer to tug firmly on fairly delicate baseplate components. One point Shoei. Choosing between these two helmets would be definitely be a tough job for any rider, I’m glad I don’t have to do it.

The last two helmets I want to compare are the HJC FG-Jet and the Gmax GM67S. Some might say that this is an unfair comparison because of the fairly dramatic difference in price points but I look at it this way, whatever the less expensive helmet gives up in quality, it makes up for in price. They both get a point. The fit between the two is very similar, and accurate per the size chart, although some customers did complain that they had to return their Gmax for a bigger size, so if you are in between sizes, definitely pick the next one up.

The FG-Jet has many truly top of the line features, but at price that is about a third of the Arai. It has a Kevlar and fiberglass composite weave shell that was designed in a wind tunnel, so the aerodynamics is quite good. The ventilation also benefits from wind tunnel testing. Both of these helmets have well designed drop down visor systems, but I have to give this feature win to the HJC. This sunshade system works great. The shape of the visor and how far down it goes are crucial. If you are stuck looking at the bottom of a sunshade shade, you will definitely get a headache. The three position shield on the FG works excellent. The buttons are easy to use, and they’ve added a cushioned release to ease the noise. The face shield system on the FG-Jet is also quite nice. A simple push of this lever and the shield pops right off, and reinstalling is just as easy.

The Gm67S has its strong points as well. Where this helmet really shines is versatility. This helmet can be set up with three different configurations. You can wear the helmet with a peak visor installed, a face shield, or you can purchase a supplementary chin bar setup that actually gives this helmet some full face style debris protection. You also have the option of adding a rear light kit that can tap into your bike’s brake light circuit, giving the helmet true brake light functionality. The Gmax also has excellent ventilation, and the finish on these helmets is automotive quality.