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HJC Snowmobile Helmets

HJC CS-R2SSN Flame Block Helmet


You save: $65 (33%)

HJC CS-R2SN Seca With Electric Framed Shield


You save: $45 (23%)

HJC CS-R2SN Seca With Dual Lens Framed Shield


You save: $25 (20%)

HJC CL-17 Redline Electric Frameless Helmet


You save: $48 (20%)

Jafrum offers a complete collection of HJC snowmobile helmets that come in a variety of styles, colors and features at extremely low prices. The HJC snowmobile helmets feature a lightweight shell and advanced ventilation system to keep you comfortable as you're blasting through the snow. The two-stage double close face shield system provides you with an extremely secure seal to keep out moisture along. The helmets also have a fog resistant face shield and single button face shield / chin bar release. Some are Bluetooth capable with interior speaker cavities. Make sure to fill all of your snow mobile needs at Jafrum.