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Nolan N44 Hi-Visibility Helmet.

6 in 1 Crossover design with quick-change accessories allows for customized looks and functions for every ride. Comes with the clear shield, the intergrated sun shield, the peak and the removeable chinbar.

Nolan N44 Helmet Features

  • GE Lexan® chin bar is EPS lined and attaches to the shell with strong stainless-steel latches, it passes the tests for full-face helmets of the European standard ECE-2205
  • The new mesh chin curtain has wind-noise reducing air wings (included)
  • VPS® (Vision Protection System) - Internal scratch-resistant and fog-resistant sunshield is lowered by a slider and retracted instantly by a new button located on the lower trim of the helmet. It is also available in amber, light blue and light smoke.
  • New quick-change mechanism makes changing the shield a breeze.
  • Face shield is optically correct, and fitted in an exceptionally large eye port. It accepts the new high-performance pinlock® antifog insert with silicone seal (included).
  • Long shield protects the entire face and is equipped with a three position vent.
  • The black peak (included) can be installed in seconds instead of the clear shield.
  • Ready for the Ncom® system.
  • Lightweight aerodynamic polycarbonate shell with built-in spoiler for improved stability.
  • Fully removable and washable Clima-Comfort liner is antibacterial, antifungal and wicking. Seperate neck roll lowers wind-noise inside the helmet and is removable in summer.
  • The extraordinary venting mechanism is the most complex that has been ever offered in a Nolan helmet: it features the Air-booster system and a venturi effect-based hot air extractor. The central slider controls the opening of the frontal air intake while the two side sliders open and close the air extractors along the side of the crown.
  • Microlock2® (adjustable quick release) retention system.
  • Velour chin-strap padding.
  • DOT approved (in Europe ECE-2205 approved)

Nolan N44 Helmet Sizing

To determine helmet size: Measure around head one inch above eyebrows and across the largest portion on the back of the head and use the following cross reference chart.

Size Chart

Adult Inches Centimeters
3XS 19-1/4"-19.5/8" 49-50cm
2XS 20-1/8"-20.1/2" 51-52cm
XS 20-7/8"-21.1/4" 53-54cm
SM 21-5/8"-22" 55-56cm
MD 22-1/2"-22.7/8" 57-58cm
LG 23-1/4"-23.5/8" 59-60cm
XL 24"-24.3/8" 61-62cm
2XL 24-3/4"-25.1/4" 63-64cm
3XL 25.5/8"-26" 65-66cm

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Nolan’s Italian made N44 Trilogy helmet is made of durable polycarbonate material and weighs in at 3.7 lbs with the chin bar and face shield installed. This DOT and ECE approved lid has a huge available size range including sizes XXS thru XXXL. There are also a bunch of color ways available including two different graphics, with multiple colors per graphic, seven different solids, two high viz colors including this high-viz yellow, and two Outlaw color ways that have three dimensional chrome icons affixed to the forehead rather than the Nolan text. The N44 has a long oval head form, but the construction of the helmet is very forgiving, so many riders with rounder heads will also find this helmet comfortable… This helmet is truly a marvel of modern helmet engineering. Versatility and ease of use can be a very difficult combination to pull off. There are a few helmet companies that offer a removable chin bar and/or interchangeable shield and visor systems, but Nolan’s is the easiest to use. Removing the chin bar is as easy as pressing these two levers. The chin bar is lined with EPS foam and latches to the helmet with stainless steel instead of plastic which makes this setup strong enough to get the ECE full face helmet approval in Europe. The chin bar also features a removable chin curtain with these special wings that reduce wind noise. When wearing the helmet without the chin bar installed, install these slot plugs into the helmet where the chinbar attaches to reduce wind noise and buffeting. Reinstallation of the chin bar is also quite simple. The chin bar can be installed by simply aligning the tabs back into the slots and applying firm pressure to the chin bar… There are also three different face shield options. The full coverage face shield is Pinlock ready and equipped with a built in vent block for fog reduction. A clear Pinlock insert is included with your N44 and installs easily. Removing the face shield is as easy as lifting up on this lever on the baseplate and pulling out on the shield. Your N44 also comes with a sun visor that installs easily onto the helmet. Just lift up on the lever on the baseplate, press the visor onto the baseplate and release the lever. If you would rather wear the helmet with no face shield or visor at all, you can install these baseplate covers to the baseplates to clean up the look and reduce buffeting. Simply fit the baseplate covers to the baseplate and rotate to secure. Reverse the process for removal… Another popular feature that has been added to the N44 is a retractable sunshade. Nolan’s VPS, or Vision Protection System Sunshade is scratch and fog resistant and is available in optional colors amber, blue, and light smoke. To lower the shade, pull forward on the slider on the lower left side of the helmet. There are two positions. Retracting the visor requires a simple press of this button… Next, let’s take a look at the ventilation in the shell. This is Nolan’s most sophisticated venting system to date and features separate cold air intake and hot air exhaust channels. To vent in cool air, open the vent in the center marked air in. This vent channels air into the helmet to cool your head. To vent hot, moist air out of the helmet, open these two vents at the sides. Air travels through these channels and across these slotted vent holes in the channel. The Venturi effect draws the hot air through these vents and out of the back of the helmet at the spoiler… The N44 Trilogy is setup to receive Nolan’s proprietary N-Com communication system. There are built in speaker pockets in the EPS and in the liner, a controller access point on the left side of the helmet, and an easy access battery compartment at the back of the neck. For questions regarding the N-Com system, contact our customer service center at 1-877-GO-HELMEt… The liner of the N44 is also very sophisticated. It is removable and washable, although when I remove it, you will see that this is one liner that you are going to definitely want to hand wash. The liner in this helmet is actually all one piece. To remove it, start with the neck curtain and pull slowly starting from one side and working across. Next you can unclip the cheek pads and finally pull out the front at the forehead. Gently feed the Microlock II adjustable retention straps thru the liner and pull the liner from the shell. Once the liner has been removed, you can remove the neck curtain and cheek pad foam from the rest of the liner for a really detailed cleaning… With the liner removed, you can see the multi-piece EPS liner and the removable EPS inserts at the ears. These come out so that you can hide the speaker wires of your communication system