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Olympia Vest Men

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The Olympia Men’s Vest comes in one style and is priced low. The Nova 2 Hi-Viz Safety Mesh Motorcycle Vest combines with enhanced visibility with rider specific function and fit. The Nova offers maximum cooling with abrasion resistance and is engineered to be worn over any motorcycle jacket. This vest is used by the U.S. military because it features five oversized Reflective panels. At Jafrum, we have everything that you need in a vest at discount prices.

Olympia Nova 2 Hi-Viz Vest
List Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $79.95
Olympia Blaze Hi-Viz Safety Vest
List Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $79.99
Olympia Switchback Jacket Mens
List Price: $229.99
Sale Price: $198.95