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Saddlemen HC2900 Hard Case Trunks.

Saddlemen HC2900 Hard Case Trunks Features

  • Solid and weatherproof with matte black polypropylene construction
  • Steamlined shape looks great and cuts through the wind
  • Universal mounting kit attaches to existing luggage rack; quick-disconnect allows trunk to be removed from bike in seconds
  • Integrated molded grip for easy transport off-bike
  • All Hardware included

Overall Outside Dimensions:

17"L x 23" W x 13" H; 2,900 cu. inch capacity; holds one full-face helmet and other needed gear

Saddlemen HC2900 Hard Case Trunks Mounting Instructions

Trunk bags are generally mounted to an existing luggage rack that is attached to the motorcycle. Quick-release or D-rings are generally attached to straps for securing to the rack.

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Most Helpful Reviews :

Decent Box And Big

by - verified purchaser
Saddlemen makes 2 boxes, the smaller single helmet sized 1700 and this box. Bought ours over 2 years ago and it is still going strong. It will hold two full-faced helmets. It does not come with a top rack accessory. It is not as sturdy and has no light kit. But it is sturdy enough, and the latch stays latched. It attaches to its mounting bracket via a bolt with a turn handle that is inside the box. We padded the bottom of our box to cover it over.
One fly in the ointment. The rear hinge mechanism is secured by two long pins. They can work loose without warning. It happened to us, not while riding, but while trailering the bike. It came loose and fortunately, I noticed soon enough to not lose the contents of the box. The pin was lost, but an 8p nail clipped at the end did the trick. You might find that a little loctite would give enough friction to keep the stainless pin from working loose.
Other than that the box is good. Water tight. Still looks great after 2+ years of use. And we like how the back is rounded. It is comfortable enough by the way it is formed that your passenger will not need a padded back rest. The box itself is plenty comfortable enough, which is good because it does not come with a back rest accessory.

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