Saddlemen Handle-Top Waterproof Bags.

When on a true motorcycling adventure you need to protect your personal electronics and belongings from the elements and nothing does that better than Saddlemen’s Waterproof Pak line of waterproof storage bags. Each Waterproof Pak is made of a tough rubber-like marine vinyl that keeps moisture and dirt, even under the harshest conditions, away from your prized possessions. Wide heat-welds and two-stage folding openings seal away the world while the translucent pouch walls let you easily identify packed cargo.

Saddlemen Handle-Top Waterproof Bags Features

  • If you really need to protect larger items from the elements use one of the Handle-top packs.
  • The rugged carrying handle is also an essential element of the waterproof sealing system.
  • Whether protecting your laptop from deep water crossings or keeping your dirty laundry away from the rest of your gear, there’s a Waterproof Pak storage bag sized for your mission

Saddlemen Handle-Top Waterproof Bags Sizing

Size Chart
Small13" X 14.25"
Medium9" X 15"
Large13" X 18.75"

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