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Scorpion EXO-900 Helmets

Scorpion EXO-900X Modular Helmet


You save: $50 (25%)

Scorpion EXO-900X Neon Helmet


You save: $70 (32%)

Scorpion EXO 900 Snow Ready Electric Modular Helmet


You save: $120 (38%)

Scorpion EXO-900 Electric Face Shield


You save: $17 (15%)

If you’re looking for a motorcycle helmet that can move from full face to half with just the flip of a button then the Scorpion Modular EXO-900 Transformer helmet is just what you need at an affordable price. Each Exo 900 helmet has an Air Fit helmet pump air inflation system to customize the fit of your helmet. Furthermore, the Ever Clear no-fog shield system, the KwikWick washable wicking liner, a retractable SpeedView no-fog internal sun visor, and a Toggle Aero-tuned vent system all come standard. The snow ready version of this helmet comes with all the features of the standard EXO 900 as well as a heated face shield.