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Scorpion Modular Helmets

Scorpion EXO-900X Modular Helmet


You save: $65 (33%)

Scorpion EXO-900X Neon Helmet


You save: $70 (32%)

Scorpion EXO 900 Snow Ready Electric Modular Helmet


You save: $64 (20%)

For a rider that likes the comfort a protection of a full-face helmet, but the freedom of an open-face helmet, there's the EXO-900 Modular helmet from Scorpion. Available in solids, graphics, and snow versions, this modular Scorpion helmet pushes the boundaries of all a helmet has to offer. Check out the AirFit™ helmet pump air inflation system for a complete customized fit. Available in sizes XS-3XL.