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Shoei CJ-2 Pinlock Lens.

Shoei CJ-2 Pinlock Lens Features

  • PINLOCK® fog-free sheet which prevents fogging of a shield is newly adopted to an open-face helmet.
  • PINLOCK® fog-free sheet for CJ-2 covers up to top end of a shield to avoid fogging of top end of a shield which disturbs vision during a ride.
  • Furthermore, it is extended downward by about 8mm compared with a sheet for full-face to cover a larger vision of an open-face.

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Shoei CJ-2 Pinlock Insert Review

by - verified purchaser
I was having a fog up problem with my J-Cruise helmet shield. Once I added the Pinlock lens the problem was solved. If you are having the same issues, I highly recommend this item

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