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Tour Master Select Tank Bag

Tour Master Tank Bag Features

  • 600 denier outer shell
  • Phoslite® reflective material side panels
  • Removable, replaceable clear-window map pocket
  • External zippered side pockets
  • Available in magnetic and strap mount versions
  • Integrated carrying handle
  • Rain cover included

Tour Master Tank Bag Sizing

9.5” L x 13” W x 6” H (14 liters)

Tour Master Tank Bag Mounting Instructions

Tank bags come with magnetic, strap, or both options combined. Magnetic tank bags will not work with hard plastic tanks.

Loop rear strap under the seat after removing seat first (refer to your owner’s manual for seat removal)

Loop rear strap under gap underneath seat and connect to tank bag

Loop front straps under steering stem and under top triple clamp and attach to tank bag

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Most Helpful Reviews :

Tour Master Select Tank Bag Review

by - verified purchaser
After searching for a replacement for my huge old tank bag, I decided I could adjust to the larger Tourmaster sizes. It was easy to install the straps and I got used to it in no time. Guess I was carrying too much stuff before! I wish the map pocket was slightly larger, but with creative folding you can get a good size map area displayed. The workmanship and quality are very good and I feel the value for price paid makes this a great purchase.

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Tourmaster Select Tank Bag Review

by - verified purchaser
This tank bag (magnetic) holds well, and has plenty of room. The Tourmaster brand is the best.

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Tank Bag for 2009 Suzuki V-Strom

by - verified purchaser
I ride a 2009 Suzuki V-Strom and they have a rather large plastic faring that goes over most of the gas-tank. I bought the magnetic version of this bag hoping the magnets would be strong enough to hold on despite missing a few contact points and I was pleasantly surprised because this bag stays on tight and right. The size is bigger than the pictures lead you to believe and I installed an electrification kit from eastern beaver and charge my cell-phone and bluetooth devices while I ride. The rain cover works great and the little pouch for it is in a nice location. The Map pocket is a little tight for your average 8 1/2 x 11 map printout from mapquest or google maps but it works as advertised.

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Tourmaster Select Tank Bag

by - verified purchaser
When I first look at this bag. I thought it was too large. I put it on my Kawasaki 1400 it was a perfect fit! Tourmaster equipment is the very best ! Its rating should be five stars.

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Awesome For 2013 H/D Ultra!

by - verified purchaser
I purchased this bag for an Iron Butt ride. The bag fit my 2013 H/D Ultra perfectly. The bag is plenty big enough to store food, electronics, and water which was used for my long trip. The magnets on the bag held the bag snug against my tank and never moved. I highly recommend this product!

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