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Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Vest Liner With Collar.

The Tour Master Synergy® 2.0 Heated Vest Liner with collar is perfect for keeping your core warm on those cool mornings when you take your motorcycle out for a spin. Because this is a heated vest liner and not a full jacket liner it allows you to add a heating element to your gear for those of us who don’t have enough room in our sleeves to add a full liner. This particular liner comes with a collar that helps protect your neck from the cold elements as well. This Synergy® 2.0 Vest Liner with collar comes ready to connect your Synergy® heated gloves and pants.

Tour Master Heated Vest Liner Features

  • Designed to operate in all weather conditions from a vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system
  • Warmth without bulk or discomfort, making for a safer, more enjoyable ride
  • Lightweight, flexible carbon fiber heating elements provide safe, even warmth
  • Expanding side panels help fine tune the fit and increase comfort
  • Jacket and vest include a power lead wiring harness, temperature control unit and a thigh-mounted leg band to attach the temperature control unit
  • Water-resistant, dual rheostat included (single rheostat available)

Tour Master Heated Vest Liner Sizing

Please measure the circumference of your chest using a cloth tape measure and add 1" if the measurement is an odd number to get to the next even number and choose your size from the chart below. Please note all measurements are in inches.



CHEST INCHES363840424446505356
ABDOMEN RELAXED384042444650535659
SLEEVE INCHES2525.52626.52727.527.52828

Most Helpful Reviews :

Tourmaster Synergy 2 Heated Vest

by - verified purchaser
Great product wore this vest across the US in late December 2011 worked great strongly recommend.

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Uneven Heat w/Vest-Gloves

by - verified purchaser
Husband had gloves, added vest to the same controller, but even on the 2nd notch vest was cooking him in 20 degree weather but his hands needed more heat; so now he'll be using two separate controls.

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Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Vest Liner Review

by - verified purchaser
great fit ,sizing chart is good, wore it twice in 50 degree temp on lowest seting, smiled all the way home. looking forward to 40 's next winter

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Great investment!

by - verified purchaser
Bought one for me and one for my wife. Just did a 550 mile 3 day camping trip to NC. Rode up to Mount Mitchell and other points on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The vests kept up both toasty on the lowest setting. Outstanding value and my 1000 Vstrom had enough juice to power both vests on high when we tested them. No noticeable dimming of the headlight even at idle.

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Instant Warmth & Comfort

by - verified purchaser
This is a well built vest that radiates heat seconds after you turn it on. The heated collar is very nice. This vest comes with the new Synergy 2 controller(black and grey knobs) which separately controls two items. Each knob has 5 temperature settings. (Personally, I want a pair of heated gloves for the second item ;) You also get the wiring to connect to your bikes battery or other hot source. Installation was a breeze! When you connect the vest, and maybe a pair of gloves you will have a cable management challenge. Once you come up with a system to bind or tuck away the excess connecting and power cables, you're on your way! The temperature control box comes with an elastic strap that wraps around your leg, on which to clip the control box. Good theory and somewhat useful, but for most pants or chaps, the band slides down toward your knee. Don't even think of tucking the wires under the band, they won't stay. The plastic clip attached to the controller clips nicely on a belt or handy pocket. Loose cable I bundle and bind with a velcro cable keeper. For size, I used the "Size Chart". The vest fits like a glove. There are elastic side panels which keeps the heated zones right where the heats needed. When worn over a light shirt or cotton turtleneck and under my riding jacket (Fieldsheer Tatt from Jafrum, Thanks), I get instant warmth and comfort without the bulk and bind. For addition warmth and efficiency, I have a thin, duck down, "shirt" that I wear between my Tour Master vest and riding jacket. Toasty! A great addition to my riding gear! As always, fast shipping and great pricing, Thanks Jafrum!

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Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Vest Liner With Collar Review

by - verified purchaser
When it is cold outside this is the vest to have with easy access to your controls and very good. It fits very nicely under the jacket and leaves the arms free from a tighter fit. Super product a must have if you love riding your motorcycle in the cold which I do.

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Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Vest Liner With Collar

by - verified purchaser
This vest liner works as advertised! Very warm without having to wear layers of clothing. After the initial installation of the power lead wiring harness I had a couple of questions associated with connectivity between the vest and the temperature control unit. The customer support I received from both Jafrum and Tour Master was outstanding!!!

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Tourmaster Synergy Vest

by - verified purchaser
With only 3 levels to select from, it's difficult to find the right heat... even on low, it's very hot. You could bake a turkey in this thing on high. Also the wire from the vest is too short, making hook up with a 3/4 jacket on difficult.

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Tourmaster Synergy 2 Vest Liner

by - verified purchaser
My husband bought this for himself, but as my bike already was wired for it, it's ended up mine. This is my third heated vest and is wonderful! I love being able to adjust the temperature and NEVER imagined I'd need to turn it down!! Couldn't be Happier.

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Synergy 2 heated vest, with collar

by - verified purchaser
The vest works as advertised. Very toasty, and the heat arrives within 30 seconds of plug-in provided the engine is running. The wiring from the vest to the controller thence to the battery is included, but not stated. The controller included allows both the vest and another item (like gloves) to heat simultaneously presuming your generator will supply the power.

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Clip Broke on Heated Vest Control

by - verified purchaser
Husband has to use two separate controls for gloves and vest , as the vest will roast you on 2, while the gloves need a 3. He had just suited up, left work on the bike and twang! He looked down to see a dangling control, so he pulled over to find the clip broken and then saw how cheesey the plastic is and how it utilizes only two small areas of plastic to hold it together. Disappointment for the money and Tourmaster.

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The synergy 2.0 vest liner comes in two versions, with and without collar. This video is for the vest with the collar. To see a video, with uncanny similarities to this video, for the vest without the collar, click the link below to go to our website.

Vests are perfect for use under very form fitting jackets like sport leathers because the room in the arms and underarms is at a premium. The use of a full sleeve jacket liner might restrict your movement which could become a safety issue. The heated collar is a great feature because it reduces the thickness of the material covering your neck, also increasing mobility. The only down side to the collar to keep in mind is that they do not have much give. So, if you have a really thick neck, the color may be a little chokie when zipped up. Also, inversely, if you have a little pencil neck, the collar opening may be too large, which may let some cool air into your jacket. Both are unusual situations but worth considering. Powering up your vest is easy. Simply connect the power lead to your motorcycle or atv battery. Connect the controller to the vest and hook it to the leg strap. After you start your motorcycle, you can connect the controller to the power lead and adjust to the desired temperature. To attach chaps or pants, simply plug the female connector coming out of the bottom of the vest to the male connector coming out of the top of the pants or chaps.

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How many watts is it? What is the current at 12vdc with all controls on the highest settings?
A shopper on Feb 20, 2015
Best Answer:4.3 amps per Tour Master web site. That works out to 52 watts at 12 volts. I have a V-Strom 1000 which only puts out 90 watts and I have been able to use two of these and heated gloves at the same time with no issues even at idle.
Reply · Report · Jerry G on Feb 21, 2015
Does this come with a dual rheostat controller or single? I have the gloves on the way and would like to contol the temp seperate from the vest.
Michael A on Nov 23, 2014
Best Answer:The synergy vest come with a dual rheostat controller
Reply · Report · Justin PStaff on Nov 24, 2014