Tour Master Jackets and Motorcycle Riding Gear

The Tour Master motorcycle gear collection at Jafrum is your place to score all your favorite Tour Master gear at Jafrum's discount prices! Since 1978, Tour Master has been a leader in motorcycle apparel, offering an extensive line of motorcycle jackets, pants, gloves, boots, rain gear, Synergy heated apparel and motorcycle luggage in both men's and women's sizes and fashions. Tour Master was the first apparel manufacturer to test its garments in a wind room with wind and rain speeds of up 90 mph to test garments ventilation capabilities and waterproofing. This level of testing and sophistication has helped them gear up with apparel and luggage many long distance touring bikers rely on. Check out some of the Tour Master's most popular items like the Tour Master Transition 2 jacket, the Tour Master Summer Elite 2 gloves, Solution 2.0 Waterproof boots, or the Tour Master Cruiser 2 line of motorcycle saddlebags and luggage. You can't go wrong with Tour Master!