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UClear HBC200 Force Bluetooth Intercom

The UClear HBC200 Force Bluetooth Intercom system an excellent choice for the motorcycle rider that goes on rides in groups. Not only does the HBC200 have the technology to cancel all noise besides the user’s voice, it gives the rider the ability to listen to music, hear turn by turn directions from their GPS system and communicate bike to bike with up to 10 other riders.

Item Code: UClearHBC200ForceSingle

Brand: UClear

Model: HBC200 Force Single

Boomless: Yes

Design Type: Rain and Snow Resistant

Standby Time: Up to 2 weeks

Battery Type: Lithium-polymer


  • Designed for group intercom communications
  • Support large group intercom up to 10 or more
  • Music, Calls, GPS (Bluetooth devices)
  • Super Group Intercom
  • Multi-Hop Communication Extender (up to .43 miles between 2 units or 4.3 miles between 10 units)
  • Voice Command for hands-free call pickup
  • Hi-fi stearo audio (AVRCP, A2DP
  • Boomless microphone (Industry First)
  • Patented ABF/ DSP technology isolates your voice and eliminates all background noise
  • Firmware upgrades available
  • Auto loudness adjustments
  • GPS device compatible (Bluetooth HS/ HFP profile required)
  • USB/ Wall charger, USB 12 volt car charger adapter (Dual only)
  • No tools needed, easy installation on any helmet including full face, open face or 3/4 helmets
  • Optional accessory kit includes all parts needed to mount the HBC200 control unit to another helmet (speakers and helmet mounts)

Kit Includes:

  • UClear HBC200 helmet communicator control unit
  • A pair of hi-fi stereo headset with embedded microphones
  • A clip bracket and anti slip rubber patch
  • A metal mounting bracket with double sided tape
  • An AC Charger and USB charging cable
  • Velcro for speakers
  • A user manual

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Most Helpful Reviews :

U Clear HBC200 Force Single Review

by - verified purchaser
This is a really nice versatile communication system. My wife and I enjoy the clear communication as we ride along. The music and hands free phone features are excellent. We haven't tried the communication with others who have U Clear yet so can't comment on its ability to communicate with other bikers but I doubt we'll be disappointed when we are finally able to. The only draw back we have had is using the U Clear with an open faced helmet at freeway speeds. My wife can hear me but the wind noise is annoying to her. I switched to a modular helmet and that issue was solved. I would recommend the U Clear to others

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UClear HBC200 Force Bluetooth Intercom Review

by - verified purchaser
Have had the u-clear system for 6 months and like the phone system very much. The biggest neg. would be that if your listening to music from your I-phone the system will not allow your passenger to do so. Check with customer ser. and they confirm. Real negative because the helmets are not set up with that feature. Think twice if you listen to music this way.

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The Uclear system is the intercom I use on my personal helmet and I’m very pleased with it. The mic is very clear and the speakers are loud and crisp, as long they are installed correctly. I’m using an open face helmet today to make it easier for you to see everything that is going on, but the installation process is the same for a full face. There are numerous approaches to installing a headset as far as the order in which you install the components and where you route the wiring. They are all correct, as long as the finished product is a properly functioning headset. The first thing I like to install is the speakers. You can install the control unit first if you really want to, but the bracket just gets in the way while you are installing the speakers so I prefer to install the speakers first. It’s important to remember that this is a boomless mic system. These little nubs here on the speakers are the mics. If you install the speakers on the wrong sides of the helmet, the mics will be facing in the wrong direction and your fellow riders will not be able to here you. The easiest way I’ve found to mark the ideal spot for speaker installation is to simply install the Velcro pads into the helmet with the cheek pads still in place. The cheek pad will act as a template to ensure that the speaker will line up to your ear properly, and the cheek pad will fit back into the helmet once the speaker is installed. Some helmets are equipped with little speaker pockets for easy installation. These pockets work great for many headsets but the Uclear speakers have to stay exactly where you mount them for the sake of the mic placement, so I recommend mounting them behind the pockets with this system. Once you have the Velcro discs installed you can remove the cheek pads. Simply stick the speakers to the Velcro discs keeping in mind that these mics need to be pointing toward your mouth. Reinstall the cheek pads and try the helmet on quick to make sure the speakers aren’t hurting your ears before you hide all the wiring. Once you have the speakers mounted in a comfortable spot, with the mics even and pointing toward your mouth, you can hide the wires. There is no right or wrong place to hide the wiring with this system because it is not equipped with a built in radio of any kind. Headsets with am/fm radios should have the wiring routed across the top of the helmet for reception purposes but we don’t have to worry about that with this install. If the speakers have been mounted on the correct sides of the helmet and your wires are tucked in properly, the speaker wire plug should be exiting the helmet on the left side, about even with the back of the ear. Now let’s install the control unit bracket. The HBC 200 has two included mounting options. The metal mounting bracket with double sided tape is for permanent mounting. This bracket is ideal for helmets with insufficient clearance between the cheek pad and the shell or for users that want the control unit to sit as close to the helmet as possible. Plug the control unit into the speaker wire to mock up the bracket placement. Clean the helmet surface by gently wiping with diluted rubbing alcohol or a wipe. Pull the backing off the bracket and stick it on making sure the writing is right side up. Slide the control unit on from the top down and you are good to go… Installing the removable mounting bracket is just a little bit trickier. First, install these clips into the bracket like so. Squeeze the clips to open the bracket up and insert into the helmet making sure the tab is facing out. When you’re in about half way, stop and remove the inside mounting clip from the bracket. If you wait to remove this clip until the bracket is fully installed, the clip can be very difficult to remove. Once the bracket is fully installed, you can install this extra grippy pad, if desired. Now you can remove the outside mounting clip and mount the controller. Remember to press the speaker wire firmly into the controller to ensure proper functionality. Almost all issues users have with this system are installation related; either the mics are not aligned properly and not pointing to the user’s mouth, or this speaker wire plug isn’t plugged in all the way. When installed correctly, your UClear HBC200 will operate wonderfully, and provide clear, crisp communication with anyone you may owe an explanation to.

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Is ther an ear bud option for 1/2 helmets?
Steve S on May 18, 2015
Best Answer:Not that I am aware of
Reply · Report · Justin PStaff on May 22, 2015
Does UCLEAR HBC200 offer music sharing with the latest firmware update?
A shopper on Nov 14, 2014
Best Answer:Music Streaming Operations

To use the control unit with your music devices you must connect them

wirelessly through Bluetooth pairing. The music device must have Bluetooth



• To connect the control unit a Bluetooth music device, hold the Up and Down

buttons for 2 seconds. This puts the UCLEAR into pairing mode. The status

indicator will blink blue and red alternately.

• Next, put the Bluetooth music device into pairing mode. Both the control unit

and the music device should automatically pair together.

After pairing to a music device, you may use the UCLEAR to wirelessly listen

to music stored on the device.

In order to use the control unit to remotely control the music, the music device

must have Bluetooth Audio/Video Remote Control capability, AVRCP profile.


• To play music, press the Answer button 2 times.


• To stop music, press the Answer button 1 time.

Fast Forward

• To skip to the next track, press the Up button 2 times.


• To skip to previous track, press the Down button 2 times.
Reply · Report · Bella HStaff on Nov 20, 2014