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UClear HBC200 HD Helmet Communications System

The UClear HBC200 HD Helmet Communication System has definitely hit the mark with their noise canceling ABF® Technology. This allows the device to track the user’s voice and cancel out all the surrounding noise which means when you talk your voice is the only thing others will hear. This comes in handy when you ride a loud motorcycle like a big V-Twin with straight pipes. The HBC200 HD is boomless so it does not have a microphone to get in the way and you can connect with 10 plus other users making this perfect for riding in large groups. UClear designed this system to be a universal fit so it works with most full-faced and ¾ helmets on the market. If you are in the market for a Bluetooth system that allows you to talk to other riders using the intercom, listen to your music and make phone calls, look no further, the UClear HBC200 HD is the clear choice for you.

Introducing our custom packaged system for the Big V-Twin Rider. The package includes our recently released Pro Microphone options and Long Earbud designed for half helmet riders. Leveraging all of the great features of the 200 series, like Super Group Intercom with Multi-Hop Technology® and no boom microphone! UCLEAR delivers the HBC200HD with patented ABF® Technology and a new groundbreaking, full duplex intercom system designed to expand the reach, range, and quality of group communications (10+ Riders) by up to 700 meters (.43 miles) between each HBC200HD unit. Sold in single (HBC200HD) and dual (HBC200HDD) packs.

UClear HBC200 HD Helmet Features

  • Music, calls, GPS, super group intercom (full duplex)
  • Ride in any weather. Water and temperature resistant. Operating temperature from -30ºC (-20ºF) to 60ºC (140ºF) ensures reliable operation even in extreme weather.
  • Super Group Intercom (connect to 10+ users)
  • Weatherproof rechargeable control units attach to helmet/li>
  • Voice command for hands free call pick up
  • Hi-Fi stereo headphones
  • Boomless microphone incorporated into speaker housing
  • Patented ABF/DSP technology isolates voice and eliminates background noise
  • Works with 3/4 and full-face helmets
  • Compatible with the HBC100 and HBC200 series units

Package content information

  • HBC200 Unit
  • Pro Microphones
  • Long Earbuds
  • AC/USB Charger
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Metal Mounting Bracket
  • Clip bracket and anti slip rubber patch
  • Velcro for speakers x 2
  • Upgradeable firmware

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