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Vega Stealth Phantom Helmet.

The Vega Stealth Phantom Helmet has a unique look that can easily transform from open to full face style in a matter of minutes. Ride almost anywhere as this helmet meets or exceeds USA and European certifications. Also two shell sizes help assist in a better fit.

Vega Stealth Helmet Features

  • Certified to stringent European standard: ECE 22.05
  • Transforms easily from open to full face style with included jaw piece for additional wind, rain or dust protection
  • 6-position, optically correct, scratch-resistant, long clear outer shield included
  • Smoke tinted interior drop-down sunshield is removable and replaceable
  • Replacement drop-down visors available in smoke, light smoke and amber
  • 2 shell sizes for superior fit throughout completed size range
  • Wick-Dri anti-microbial fabric comfort fit liner is fully removable and washable- Liners are interchangeable for custom fit within shell size
  • Forehead, chin, cheek and rear venting maximize comfort minimize fogging

Vega Stealth Helmet Sizing

Helmet Sizing Information.

To achieve proper helmet fitment, begin by finding your head circumference size using the method described below. Remember that the helmet sizing you choose should fit around the crown of your head comfortably with no pressure points. The cheekpads should fit firmly around your face. Once your chin strap is fastened, grab the chin bar of the helmet and move it side to side. Your cheeks should move with the helmet, which should not slide across your face. Different thickness cheekpads can be purchased to obtain the perfect fit.

Head Measurement Instructions.

Wrap flexible tape measure around your head approximately on inch above eyebrows and ears. Use this measurement (in either inches or centimeters) to find your helmet size in the chart below.

Size Chart




Hat Size




6 5/8-6 3/4




6 7/8-7




7 1/8-7 1/4




7 3/8-7 1/2




7 5/8-7 3/4




7 7/8-8




8 1/8-8 1/4




8 3/8-8 1/2




8 5/8-8 3/4

Most Helpful Reviews :

Vega Phantom Review

by - verified purchaser
This helmet gives a ton of ventilation mainly from the larger than normal open space around the chin. The vents at the chin channel air in to the inside of the shield to keep it from fogging and the vents around the jaw line funnel more air straight to your face. I live in Hawaii and the only time I get hot in this helmet is when I get caught in traffic (partially because I got the black one with a mirrored shield). The helmet is designed for someone with an oval head shape. Vega smalls usually are a tad loose for me . The only downside to this helmet is the wind noise. With a larger opening at the chin, you can hear wind more than your bike. Overall it's a cool looking helmet (especially in black with a mirrored shield) at an awesome price point.

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Great Helmet For The Price

by - verified purchaser
I love this helmet. I ordered a medium and it fits fine. It's very light weight. It was a bit odd at first putting on the helmet with the narrow chin guard, but I found the right method to get it on easily. It's nice having a low chin guard so I don't have to move my head down to check my speed. The chin guard comes off easy, even with the helmet on. But a bit difficult getting it back on with the helmet on since it's hard to locate the connectors without looking. The drop down visor is a nice plus, but I always wear sunglasses anyways. My only downside is that there is no D ring, it's a ratchet lock. But it doesn't really bother me too much since I like carrying my helmet, it'd be nice if it had a D ring just in case I don't want to carry my helmet. Wind nose doesn't really bother me since I don't usual go at high speeds, plus I like to hear my engine and my surroundings. Overall, I love this helmet. Definitely a great buy

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Vega Phantom Review

by - verified purchaser
Love the Hi Viz yellow as it catches drivers attention. The size chart worked good for me as this helmet was a perfect fit . My only gripe is the drop down sun shield as it sometimes hangs up on its top edge and won't retract without pushing it back in place,also it does not come down low enough for adequate straight ahead filtering but ok.Good buy for the money!!

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Decent Helmet

by - verified purchaser
This is a pretty decent helmet especially considering the price. Like some other reviewers said this helmet fits snug. I would say I have an oval shaped head and according to the size chart I would have been in the mid to upper range of the small size. I ordered a medium and it fits perfectly. The visibility is awesome but because the face shield is so big you can get a reflection of your face if you are using the clear shield. Maybe the third party smoke or mirror shield would fix that. The padding is comfortable and the ratchet strap is nice. It's easy to drop down and put up when you're riding. Wind noise is an issue with this helmet at 40mph and higher. Great for summer city riding but fall riding may require and extra face mask.

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Great helmet

by - verified purchaser
Haven't yet tried to add bluetooth speakers yet, but helmet fits and is optically correct, just a pleasure to wear.

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I love it

by - verified purchaser
My stealth phantom helmet arrived. it is snug as stated in other comments. I'm glad I ordered a size bigger than what the measurement came to. Mine was 24 inches(xlarge) I ordered the 2x-large. it fits tight on the sides of my jaw, but should break in nicely. the longer face shield is great, not claustrophobic, like old style full face helmet. Jafrum got it here in a hurry. I ordered it on sat night and got it wed afternoon. I Love it. Thanks

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Wayyyy small

by - verified purchaser
I wear a 7 5/8 hat and am intermediate oval. Tried both an XL and 2XL and sent them both back. There's no give in the cheeks at all and could barely get them over my ears. Once I did, they were so tight I couldn't bare it for more than 10 minutes.

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Vega Phantom Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
Very sleek looking helmet but runs small compared to other sizes from other manufacturers. Would recommend but would advise getting a size bigger than you may be used to.

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Vega Stealth Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
I love this helmet it is anything you need and very comfortable

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Vega Phantom Review

by - verified purchaser
After many years of wearing the half helmet I wanted something with a little more coverage for long road trips and the colder weather. I was drawn to this by the detachable chin guard. One of the pluses for the chin guard is that it comes with a cloth cover which is a benefit to me since I only plan on using it during rain storms and it will ride in my saddlebags. The helmet is fairly lightweight and doesn't seem to weigh much more. It is still a little loud with a bit of buffering at highway speeds (70-80). I do like the way the face shield covers my entire face also. I didn't think I would want/use the drop down sun visor, but I found that you get a bit of glare of off the face shield and I use it quite a bit along with sunglasses. It is pretty tight getting your head into it, but I found once I can get my head in, the fit is okay. After the first 100 mile ride, a piece of the rubber along the neck area of the helmet started to come off and I had to super glue it back down. There also was a piece of plastic in the liner that was sticking out and poking me in the ear that I had to cut out. Both factors made me think about returning it, but it would be more of a hassle than just fixing them myself which I did. Another draw back, for me anyway, is that I have a helmet lock that generally goes through the d-ring on a helmet chin strap. This helmet has a quick release style chin strap which is nice, I just can't lock it to my bike now!

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Vega Stealth Phantom Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
I have been wearing Vega Medium for years. This Vega Medium did NOT fit at all. Different shape from the others I have worn. Looked like a big, goofy, round ball. Sent it right back, very disappointed.

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Good value for the money, but...

by - verified purchaser
.. the product does run approximately a half-size smaller than listed. As for fit, it's a little different in that the face is more snug and close to the face than is typical in most "standard" full-faced helmets. Some might like that, some might feel slightly claustrophobic. There's an issue with having the necessary gaps for ears on each size, even after the ear pads were removed. (for headsets) I'll need to do some trimming of the padding to get it to where it's comfortable. Jafrum shipping was faster than expected, as usual. How they can continually be faster than expected is beyond me.

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Vega Phantom Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
After a ton of research on lightweight FF or modular helmets, I settled on this one. I wear an XS, which is about three pound, a good half-pound less than most modulars. It has an oval inner shape which fits me perfectly. It was comfortable from the first time I put it on, and stays comfortable through hours of riding. I like the extra vertical length in the view port; I don't have to rotate my head down to read my gauges, just flick my eyes down. The jaw piece is easy to take on and off, though you CAN'T do it while riding. The air channels are grea - I can feel them drawing heat away from my head as soon as I start moving. I got the red and it is gorgeous. I get a lot of comments on the color and style. The only minor problem is the sun shade. When I use the lever to flick it down, the upper rim of it often gets caught on the rim of the eyeport, making it impossible to use the lever to put it back up again. I have to raise the face shield a couple notches, and push in on the sun shield to free it. However once i figured out the problem, it's become second nature to deal with it with one hand. It's not enough to make me send the helmet back. For comfort, fit, light weight, and functionality, I don't think you can beat the price.

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Vega Stealth Phantom Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
I LOVE this Lid!!! Been riding 50+ years, year-round and this is beyond doubt the most comfortable helmet I have ever worn. The venting is great for cold or wet weather as the air flow clears the faceplate as soon as you start moving without freezing your nose or chin off. In the rain, you don't get the water blow-up from below into your eyes, or the dripping from the upper edge of the shield present in so many others. But the best point is the oval shape. Why it took so long for the OEMs to figure out we do not have "Bowl" heads I don't know, but VEGA got it right with this one. There are not the pressure points present in every other helmet I have worn so the long ride comfort factor is off the charts. And, with the added sunshield, removable chinbar and elongated shield viewing depth Vega has produced the ultimate unit for any ride length or weather condition. In short, I would reccommend this helmet to any rider who is serious about comfort and features

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Unique and Comfortable

by - verified purchaser
I enjoy helmets that have a unique profile - different is good. Bell Rogue, Shark Raw, Vema CiQi... I love all of them. But a helmet has to be comfortable as well as practical and safe, and while I loved the Rouge and Raw, they just weren't comfortable for me. The Vega Stealth Phantom certainly does the trick, though! I love this thing! I usually wear a size XS, but ordered S after watching the video review. No need. I had to send the S back and get the XS. Yes, it is a little snug at the cheeks, but that will soften and fit like a glove after a couple of long rides. Things that really sold me on the Phantom... 1) The style is very unique. My last helmet was the Vema CiQi - a very stylish modular that offered a removable chin guard for added protection. But the CiQi's chin guard tended to block my view of the tank spedometer and I was forever trying to tilt my head to the side to see past it. 2) The Phantom's large face plate allows an amazing field of view. No more tilting my head to see the speedometer. The faceplate also offers great wind and rain protection while allowing the interior to vent enough to prevent fogging. This is huge for me because I ride year-round in all weather. Nothing is worse than fogging your faceplate while sitting at a stoplight in winter! 3) The helmet is bluetooth friendly. I love the large, comfortable ear space - they mean I don't have to fear my ears being painfully compressed by any speakers that are installed. 4) The Phantom is modular. The ease of switching from full-face to half-helmet is great. I love the freedom to change between full-face and half-helmet look and both versions still provide outstanding protection and keep a great look. I would definitely recommend the Phantom to anyone looking for a new modular helmet. :)

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not bad

by - verified purchaser
I ordered the high vis "yellow" which looks more like a highlighter safety yellow which didn't really show in the photos. anyway I wear an L and this helmet feels like trying to put on a M. it scrapes my face every time I put it on and I wish I'd ordered an XL. Also I wish I had the option for a quick release chin strap as the D ring feels very poor and is frustrating after having a quick release. the helmet shoulder checks very well and has a massive field of view which is the main advantage of this helmet. Also I can have strangers with people at a stoplight without lifting the face shield. This visor profile shows your whole face which is also a very distinct look. the holes for the speakers fit too high for me to really hear my headphones I transplanted, but this could be the sizing issue. if I could do it again I'd get it in black and XL. Overall cool helmet for under 100 bucks. I hope their next version of this helmet is better.

Was this review helpful?

The Stealth Phantom is a good option for the rider that likes the modern, low chinbar look, but, like many of us, is riding on a budget. The Phantom has a similar look and style to say a Nolan N44, but the Nolan retails at 389 bucks, this Stealth retails at about 120 dollars. Now, I'm not saying that the overall quality is name, it isn't, but this is definitely a very good value, and definitely a cool looking option for the money.

The shell of the phantom is made of a DOT and ECE rated, lightweight ABS plastic, and this XL weighs in at a mere 3.3 pounds. It's available in sizes XS -- 2X and in 7 colors including Black, Blue, Candy Red, Flat Black, Gray which is like an anthracite, High-Viz Yellow, and Silver. The fit on this helmet is a little on the snug side, but I also have a very oval head shape. I typically wear between a large and an XL depending on the brand. I definitely wear an XL in this model and it will take a couple of rides of break in for it to be perfect. Once it's broken in though, this helmet will be really comfortable, especially for a helmet in this price point. This elongated shield profile is a nice feature, especially when riding bikes with low mounted gauges or gauges mounted on the tank because you don't have to move your whole head, but rather just avert your eyes to check your speed. Removing the shield is easy, but it definitely isn't quick release. You have to unscrew this dial and it takes about seven full revolutions to remove, so removing the shield while wearing the helmet is probably not going to happen. Complementing the long shield shape is the low profile, removable chin bar. The chin bar features ample ventilation with eight total vent ports for shield fog management and two additional vents that pass directly to the face. The Phantom can also be worn as a ¾ by removing the chin bar. You simply slide this orange lever on each side of the eye port and pull the chin bar from the helmet. These black inserts are provided to clean up the look and reduce buffeting and wind noise. In addition to the chin bar vents, there are exhaust ports on the rear of the helmet for extracting hot air out of the helmet. This lid also features a mechanical drop down sun visor that is replaceable and available in light smoke, dark smoke, and amber colors. To operate, you just slide this lever up or down. The liner of the Phantom is better than you may expect for the money. It features a very soft and moisture wicking liner that is quite comfortable. The liner is completely removable and washable but be gentle when removing the liner. The Phantom's liner snaps are not its strongest feature. With the cheek pads removed, it's easy to see the foam pads that can be removed to provide a convenient place to install your Bluetooth helmet intercom system.

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how do I know what series my helmet is so I'll know what shield to buy?
A shopper on Nov 21, 2014
Best Answer:You will need to call the co. Do not again do not just order off the website. I mad that mistake and ordered a yellow inner shield. The website said it would fit. I checked and double checked. I ordered it and rushed shipment for a trip I was going on and it was not even close to the right shield. I do have to say the costumer service was excellent. They reviewed the order and the website. Found the error and refunded my money. Now I'm not sure if they still offer the full colors but they do have light tint and dark tint for the vega phantom.
Reply · Report · angel a on Nov 21, 2014
Could u tell me where is this made?
Ariel on Apr 28, 2015
Best Answer:OK I looked at the inside of my helment and the liner says "China" so my guess the whole helmet is made in China. It is a great helmet and has a lot of options that can make the helmet into diffrent styles
Reply · Report · Robert M on Apr 29, 2015
can i get the outer shield in a smoked or only clear??
A shopper on Mar 13, 2015
Best Answer:The helmet is sold with a clear shield only. Smoke outer shield would be purchased separately.
Reply · Report · Justin PStaff on Mar 13, 2015
hey how much does this helmet weight?

thank you jim
jim m on Dec 10, 2014
Best Answer:4 pounds
Reply · Report · Bella HStaff on Dec 10, 2014
Hard to tell just by looking at the video and pictures, but can you mount a Bluetooth device to the side of this helmet? Is there room and clearance at the neckline on this one? Say, mounting something similar to the Sena SMH-10 that the mounting plate screws on?
BassPat on Dec 1, 2015