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Vega Stealth Vertice Modular Helmet.

Item Code: VegaStealthVertice

Brand: Vega

Color: Black, Flat Black, Silver, Pearl White, Candy Red, Grey, Hi-Viz Yellow

Model: Vertice

Certifications: DOT


  • CAD designed aerodynamic sport styling.
  • Light weight modular convience 1750 +/- grams.
  • Meets US DOT FMVSS 218 standard.
  • Certified European standard ECE 22.05.
  • One hand operation jaw piece release.
  • Metal to metal jaw connection.
  • Spring-assisted jaw opening.
  • Drop-down smoke sunshield, simple operation.
  • 3-stage adjustable air-flo venting.
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch, optically correct clear exterior shield.
  • Effortless quick-change exterior shield mechanism.
  • Sunshield is replaceable, with 3 color options: smoke, dark smoke, and amber.

Size Chart

Helmet Sizing Information.

To achieve proper helmet fitment, begin by finding your head circumference size using the method described below. Remember that the helmet sizing you choose should fit around the crown of your head comfortably with no pressure points. The cheekpads should fit firmly around your face. Once your chin strap is fastened, grab the chin bar of the helmet and move it side to side. Your cheeks should move with the helmet, which should not slide across your face. Different thickness cheekpads can be purchased to obtain the perfect fit.

Head Measurement Instructions.

Wrap flexible tape measure around your head approximately on inch above eyebrows and ears. Use this measurement (in either inches or centimeters) to find your helmet size in the chart below.

Size Chart
SizeHat SizeInchesCM
2XS- 20.08 - 20.47 51-52
XS 6-5/8 - 6-3/4



S 6-7/8 - 7



M 7-1/8 - 7-1/4



L 7-3/8 - 7-1/2



XL 7-5/8 - 7-3/4



2XL 7-7/8 - 8



3XL 8-1/8 - 8-1/4



Most Helpful Reviews :

Great Helmet

by - verified purchaser
Great helmet I bought two.

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Super Buy/Price For My CB & GoldWing

by - verified purchaser
I ordered this helmet due to the modular design and Bluetooth/headset capability for the CB and intercom on my Goldwing. I normally wear a 2XL in Vegas, but other reviewers wrote that this one ran a little small. So glad I read the reviews. The 3 XL is a perfect fit. It is also allot quieter than the other helmets. The first morning I rode to work with this helmet, it was about 48 degrees and we had pea soup fog for over 12 miles of local and freeway driving. My motorcycle windshield fogged up, but the helmet stayed very clear with the visor just cracked open on the first ratchet stop setting (approximately 1/4" gap). The afternoon ride home was a little over 80 degrees and very sunny. The sunshield worked well, but had a slight amount of distortion, but not enough to effect my ability to determine distances. The ear pieces have pre-cut segments you can flick out of the helmet with the tip of a knife or screwdriver. the liner also has speaker pockets sewn in for easy removal of the headset, should you not want to permanently install your headset speakers into the pre-cut holes. I really like the face front release mechanism on this helmet over the older Vega modular. Easy to open with even heavy winter gloves on. Also has a removable flexible air dam for your chin, which keeps cold air from blowing up under the front of the helmet also aiding in the quietness of the helmet. Thanks to Jafrum as always for the lowest price and the fastest free shipping.

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by - verified purchaser
Awesome product. All features work as advertised and it is not as noisy as most modular helmets

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Worth Every Penny, On A Budget

by - verified purchaser
I don't have a big budget, but I know better than buying cheap when it comes to helmets. So when the Stealth went on sale, I bought one! At full price, it's still less expensive than the high end modular helmets, but at almost half off, it's worth looking at. The helmet is larger than my old full face, probably because of the modular design and the padding, and is, more comfortable because of it. It is definitely heavier than a regular FF, but with my windshield, it was bearable on a 3 hour ride. The mechanisms for the vents, the sun shade, and the flip up chin are easily operated with gloves with a little memorizing of their locations, and all seem well constructed and sturdy. The sun shade was a real pleasure as the sun started to set, and I was able to flip it up and down as the shadows from the trees gave way to the blinding sun where fields and lakes broke the cover. The chin has a flap that seems to prevent the winds from rushing up your face, and I found it to be an excellent winter helmet with the vents shut. I can't say the helmet was noisier than any other helmet. I am very pleased with the quality of this helmet, as well as Jafrum's prices and quick shipping. Thank you, Jafrum!

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Pretty Good Value For The Helmet

by - verified purchaser
The only reason I gave this helmet four stars instead of five is that it runs a little on the small side. I initially purchased this helmet to replace the open face helmet due to the amount of noise that I've been dealing with. I ordered a 3xl and really should have ordered at least a 4xl (which they don't have in this model). Luckily, my wife needed a helmet and it fit her beautifully. She's quite happy with the ventilation, the fit, and the features this helmet offers. It really is a great helmet, I just wish they made one in my size.

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Definitely Worth The Money

by - verified purchaser
This is the second Vega helmet I have bought. This one is head and shoulders above the first one. Based on my experience with that one, I went into this purchase with some skepticism. Boy, was I wrong! Jafrum delivered it quickly as usual. The fit was right on according to the sizing chart. The finish was better than I expected. The first ride brought out a couple of flaws but I think they are minor and you will have to be your own judge. The noise level is much less than my other helmet. As I always ride with earplugs, the noise levels are acceptable. The helmet does not feel heavy at all. Slightly heavier than the other. The two issues I don't particularly like are the direction of the sun screen shade lever, seems like it should be the opposite, and the main screen lift ridge is dead center instead of to the sides. The quality of the helmet far exceeds the price point.

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Great Customer Service!

by - verified purchaser
The helmet runs small. I initially ordered a 2x when my measurements call for an xL. The helmet was still to small so I called customer service. The video online also shows a spring release sun visor which my helmet did not have. Customer service was quick to send me a postage paid label via email and I just received my replacement about a week later. I still don't have the spring release but no big deal and I have the larger helmet without having to pay for return shipping. You really can't complain for the price of this helmet. Spring release would've been nice but not worth sending this one back too. I can't wait for it to warm up to try this helmet on road. I would've gave 5 star if I got my spring release.

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Great Helmet For The Price.

by - verified purchaser
I have always had problems with full face helmets fogging up the face shield in the winter. This helmet never fogged once on my first test ride. The design of the product is very nice looking and the ease of using the inner smoke shield is commendable.
The only problem I had was the sizing chart. I followed their guide and ordered a large, although it is workable, it feels a bit snug especially since I wear glasses when I ride.

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Vega Stealth Vertice Review

by - verified purchaser
It was better than the first review stated. The fit was good and is comfortable to wear for the short trips I have taken. The wind guard was discarded immediately. I do like that it was lighter than my previous modular which gave me a sore neck. The flat black looks great.

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Mixed feelings

by - verified purchaser
Helmet is attractive and light, finishes look sharp and it's very easy to put on with glasses. There were some quality issues, particularly with the chin curtain which was flapping out of position right out of the box. Helmet is very light, but once on it is so light it has a cheap feeling, like it may not protect well. In the end I decided to return and chose a Scorpion EX-900X instead.

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Learning To Ride With Vega

by - verified purchaser
As an adventure rider since only 2007, I love the versatility of modular helmets. Unfortunately, paying $500+ for a helmet that may or may not survive one adventure tour was not practical. Also, a few veteran off-road/adventure riders told me one should use a new helmet every riding season anyway, as helmets get smacked with trees, stones, every other element possible, generally becoming loose, cracked, and broken from hard riding. So the price point of Vega helmets are dead on for me.

At less than $200, I have owned every model of Vega's modular helmets from 2007 to date (Summit II, Summit 3.0 and Summit 3.1 with V-Com, and now Vertice) and the Vertice is by far my favorite to date.

Their lightest modular yet, the flip-up profile is smaller so it's easier to duck under tree limbs, they added some extra controllable vents, and widened the field of view. The flip-connectors are metal so they no longer snap off, and the drop down shield conforms to my face and controls actually respond compared to the other.

The drop down shield controls block valuable real estate on the helmet for installing a bluetooth communicator, a lot of headaches and a trip to Lowes/Home Depot and I finally got my bluetooth installed. The flip-up latch feels flimsy, nothing has happened to it, but I feel if I push or pull too hard on the control it may snap off. Finally the choice of mirror colors, tints available for face shields is sad, not only Vega but across the face shield market. They offer clear/anti-fog, smoke black, and silver mirror on smoke black. That is all? Really?

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Excellent For The Price

by - verified purchaser
Lightweight, good venting, easy to replace inner and outer shields. Plenty of cushion and the liner wicks sweat well. The flip up sits in a better position than most other modulars, so it doesn't feel heavier or catch wind when riding slow.Chin curtain is removable, so when putting on the helmet with glasses you can move it out of the way and put it back in after you get the helmet on or leave it out totally for more air circulation. Lots of features for this price point, so no complaints.

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Vega Stealth Vertice Review

by - verified purchaser
I gave it 5 stars, not because it is a top of the line helmet, but because it does what you expect it to well and comes at a good price. It fits as listed--I have a huge head and the 3X goes around it without hurting anywhere. The chin snaps down securely. Ventilation is good. Finish and quality are good, better than you might expect for $169. Got the hi-viz color, and definitely like it. It is loud compared to more expensive helmets.

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Stealth is a relatively new helmet brand brought to you by the folks over at Vega. These helmets have many of the features you’ve grown used to seeing on Vega helmets, but in higher end versions. These Stealth helmets have upgraded mechanicals and/or materials. I guess you could say that if the Summit 3.1 helmet was a Honda, this new Vertice would be an Acura. This is still a price point model, and is going to be a little noisier and heavier than a premium helmet, but at well under two hundred bucks, it’s a very good value. The shell is made of thermoplastic alloy and is DOT and ECE approved. The fit is very comfortable for a helmet in this price point, and getting the helmet on and off is very easy, especially with the chin bar in the raised position. To raise the chinbar, you simply pull out and up on this tab and up it goes. One of the significant upgrades of this helmet verses many of the modular helmets on the market is the presence of this locking mechanism for the chin bar. Sliding this switch to the up position locks the chin bar, allowing you to ride at low speed without worrying about the chin bar falling back down unexpectedly. Another feature that has received a substantial update is the interior sunshade. This new system is spring assisted, and very smooth. The controls have been brought down to the helmets opening. This not only makes them easy to find with a gloved hand, but also lowers the helmet’s center of gravity, making it feel lighter on your head. To lower the shield, you will slide this lever toward the rear of the helmet until you feel it click into place. To release and raise it, you push this button forward. While we’re looking at shields, let’s take a look at the face shield. This is one of the best modular face shield systems going right now. It isn’t fancy, it just works. One of the biggest hurtles with modular helmets is noise. Don’t get me wrong, this helmet is a little noisy because of the chin bar’s hinge design. But, the shield helps out a ton by being one of the few that actually gets a good seal against the eye port gasket. A good seal also resists moisture that likes to drip down the inside of the face shield in the rain. The shield removal process is simple, although it can be a little tough for riders with larger fingers. You have to depress this button and pull forward on the shield with the shield in the first open detent. It’s an unusual setup, but it works to provide that good seal you want, so whatever it takes. These shields are also available in smoke, mirror, and an anti-fog version of the clear. Another dramatic upgrade over the Summit series is the ventilation. This Vertice helmet has ten intake ports and six exhausts, making this helmet breathe very nicely. The chin vents are two-position, and vent to the shield to minimize fog. The crown vents are three-position, and are easy to operate with gloves on. The upper exhaust ports work with the Venturi effect created by this sculpted spoiler, and the lower two ports get help from this line of vents at the helmet’s opening. Another well thought out feature is the removable and washable liner. The material is made with Coolmax, so it will wick the moisture off of your head keeping you cool. The check pads use a standard snap system, and pop out easily. The headliner also removes easily, with snaps at the rear and a band at the front. I like the vertical mounting system at the front, because it allows you to run a band of mesh across the brow, instead of plastic. This allows for a faster liner drying process.
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IS this helmet blue tooth compatible?
A shopper on Oct 8, 2014
Best Answer:This helmet is bluetooth compatible and also has the earpad sockets.
Reply · Report · Louis B on Jan 12, 2015
Does this helmet have D rings or quick release?
A shopper on Jan 18, 2016
Best Answer:It does not have Quick release but the D's don't seem to twist around like others. I used to be sold on quuick release until I found out about the possible failure in an accident.

The helmet is great.

Hope this helps.
Reply · Report · STEPHEN C on Jan 18, 2016