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Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Insoles.

The Tour Master Synergy® 2.0 Heated Insoles are perfect for the rider who may get cold feet, and no I am not referring to marriage! All you have to do is place the Tourmaster heated insoles in your favorite pair of motorcycle riding boots and go out and enjoy your ride on those cold days with your feet being heated from heal to toe. Just to note, the Synergy® 2.0 Heated Insoles require a power-lead wiring harness, extended V-Split connector and rheostat controller if used individually (parts sold separately). If you include this final piece to the puzzle when it comes to your heated gear, you can keep everything warm on those cold days when you just want to ride your motorcycle.

Tour Master Insoles Features

  • Designed to operate in all weather conditions from a vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system
  • Warmth without bulk or discomfort, making for a safer, more enjoyable ride
  • Lightweight, flexible carbon fiber heating elements provide safe, even warmth
  • A dual or single rheostat is available and easily and accurately adjusts through a range of temperatures (sold separately)
  • Designed to be worn individually or connected to the Synergy 2.0 pant liner
  • Heats entire foot from toes to heel

Note : Synergy 2.0 Heated Insoles require a power-lead wiring harness, extended V-Split connector and rheostat controller if used individually (parts sold separately)

Tour Master Insoles Sizing

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Most Helpful Reviews :

Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Insoles

by - verified purchaser
The Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Insoles work great!!! And Jafrum also works great, I had some returns (size issues) and they were completely on top of it!!

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lil piggys in a blanket

by - verified purchaser
I was not sure how these would work but have found that if you hook these up with same tstat as gloves it does a great job. If you hook them up with jacket it is not enough heat. My lil piggys stay comfortable in any temp when in line with gloves.

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Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Heated Insoles

by - verified purchaser
I just bought the heated jacket liner, pant liner and Insoles. I have had the gloves for a while. I was skeptical about the heated insoles. My feet are so warm. My ride to work is an hour early in the mornings with the temperature in the 30's. I love these, the whole setup.

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The Synergy 2.0 Electric Heated Insoles have elements throughout the entire insole so your whole foot stays nice and warm. They are unisex, machine washable and available in shoe sizes 7-14. These insoles are weatherproof and are designed to be used individually or in conjunction with the heated pants. Like the gloves, these don't come with a controller. So, if you are planning on wearing these without the heated pant liners, remember to purchase a power lead, an extended v-splitter, and a controller. To wire your insoles into your heated pant liners, simply plug the connector from the insole into the connector on the cuf of the pant leg and you're ready to go. To use insoles by themselves, or in conjunction with the chap liners, simply install the power lead to your battery. Remember to install accessory leads beneath your motorcycle's battery cable ends whenever possible. This will keep you from cracking the accessory terminals when you torque down the battery hardware and also reduce the the chance of your battery hardware coming loose. Next, run the extended v-split connector through the legs of your pants and out the cuffs. Connect the insole connectors to the splitter connectors. Connect the upper v-splitter connector to either a dual or single Rheostat controller. Once you've started your motorcycle, you can connect the controller to the power lead and set the Rheostat to the desired heat setting.