Sports bikes are motorcycles that are made for speed, not comfort or even long distance riding. They accelerate fast, they ride fast, they corner fast and they brake hard. They are made to ride on asphalt and concrete, not dirt. The rider sits leaned over the fuel tank offering the lowest possible aerodynamic drag, and feet are behind the rider. The rest of the body is “scrunched” to make the rider as small as possible offering the least wind drag.Sports bikes typically go into a corner as fast as they can, and then rely on heavy braking to slow them down. In other words, sports motorcycles have very good brakes. After the curve, the sports motorcycle needs to accelerate very heavy in order to make up for the speed lost in the curve, so accelerations are very important and can often be brutal. The rider's feet pegs are higher up off the ground (offering better lean angles), and positioned slightly behind the body, forcing the body to lean forward. For longer distances this is not comfortable. Although the riders can straighten their body slightly, it can not be held in that position for long, since the windshield on a sports motorcycle is very small and low. 

Engines found on sports motorcycles are often 4 cylinder inline although V-twins are not uncommon. Many of the common sports bikes are liter bikes, i.e., 1000cc, although 500 and 600 cc are also popular displacements. The Japanese manufacturers dominate the category, although manufacturers like Ducati, Aprilia and even Triumph and BMW offer several sports motorcycle variations that are popular and very powerful. Supersports motorcycles are sports bikes that have extremely powerful engines and are typically capable of riding faster than 150+ mph. Another derivative of the sports bike is the streetfighter, which are sports bikes without the fairing and slightly higher handbars.