Bobster GXR Anti-Fog Motorcycle Sunglasses

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Bobster GXR Anti-Fog Motorcycle Sunglasses

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Bobster GXR Anti-Fog Motorcycle Sunglasses

Item Code: BobsterGXR
Frame Color:Black
Frame Finish:Matte
Frame RX Ready:Yes
Lens Material:Polycarbonate
Lenses Interchangeable:No
Rx Limitation:+/-3 sph +/-2 cyl
Warranty:Lifetime against Manufacturing Defects
Lens Color:Amber
Frame Material:Polycarbonate
Lens Coatings:100% UVA and UVB protection, Anti-Fog
Frame Temples:Skull
Standards Met:CE EN-1836:2005, EN 166 high speed impact at 45m/s in extreme temperatures
Frame Foam Type:Closed Cell
Lens Upgrades:NXT Transitional (Light to Dark)
Frame Measurements:Temple to Temple 125 mm, Height 46 mm
Other included Accessories:Adjustable, Removable Nylon Fiber Strap
Special Features:Frames float in water; Anti-fog lenses, removable strap


  • The GXR series feature wrap around polycarbonate frames and includes a detachable strap, allowing use as a sunglass with the extra security of knowing they will remain in place
  • The anti-fog polycarbonate lenses are available in smoked, amber or clear while cell foam adjusts to facial contours allowing the optimal amount of air flow
  • Frames also float in water!
  • User Manual and Care Instructions included

Customer Reviews

Rated 9 out of 10 based on 23 reviews
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Bobster GSXR Anti-Fog Motorcycle Sunglasses

Comment: Great set of glasses! Bought them with the smoke lens and they are perfect not too dark and not too light. Fits very well and the removable/adjustable strap is a nice addition. Another great product bought from Jafrum!



Bobster GSXR Motorcycle Sunglasses

Comment: Good buy, much better that regular goggles with no frames.


Las Vegas

Great googles!

Comment: I bought my first pair 8 years ago and just now had to replace them. I wish they still had different lens colors to pop in like the last ones but still a great product at a decent price!

Rocky B

Springfield, MO

Nice lenses but too hot

Comment: Cell foam gets hot and I sweat inside the seal.


Deland, FL

Bobster GSXR Sunglasses

Comment: I bought 4 pair. A clear and a smoke pair for me and the same for my wife! The smoke lens is great for daytime driving and the clear is great for night driving. If you get tired of the wind blowing in your eyes then these are for you!


Charlotte NC

Bobster GSXR Sunglasses

Comment: Fit well, good optics.


Clermont fFL

Bobster GSXR Sunglasses

Comment: I bought 3 pairs one smoked, one clear and one amber. I wore them last night for the first time and love them! the amber is super crisp and clear and the smoked is not to dark. 5 stars from me.

Robert Morgan


Bobster GSXR Review

Comment: they fit tight and feel great

Gregg DeLong

Salado, Tx

Bobster GSXR Review

Comment: Great pair of glasses!! Very comfortable fit, and they keep all glare and wind off the eyes. And the delivery was quick, Jafrum keep up the good work!!

James B.


Fog free Bobster Glasses

Comment: I Love these googles. They don't fog up even in the heat. They didn't hurt behind my ears or when my helmet was on either. I am now going to replace my other brand of Night glasses with these because I see how superior these are . Buy these you won't be sorry.



Bobster GSXR Review

Comment: Delivery was quick and sunglasses were really nice. Fits great under my helmet and has a great shaded lens for riding on bright days. Very satisfied!!!


Citrus Heights, CA

Bobster GXR Anti-Fog Sunglasses Review

Comment: Good product keeps bugs out they do tend to fog up but not that bad



Bobster GSXR Motorcycle Sunglasses Review

Comment: I love these glasses. They are very comfortable and since I wear contacts they protect my contacts from drying out.

Penny Robb

Evansville, in

Love em!

Comment: These sunglasses are great! The lining around the frames provides comfort while wearing them. The strap is adjustable and snaps on and off the frames. With the wide sides, it provides nice protection for my eyes all the way around :)



Bobster GSXR Sunglasses Review

Comment: For the money you can not beat them. I bought all three pair and love the product. Jafrum was great to deal with will shop again.

Greg S

WhiteHouse Tn.

Bobster GXR Motorcycle Sunglasses Review

Comment: they are great my eyes dont dry out me and my boyfriend love then going to get more of them there great

laura wagner

spencer ind 47460


Comment: These glasses have a very distinct curve to them. Maybe I have an unnaturally broad face or something but they would not sit flush against my face without the strap. Any time I took the strap off they'd bow out a good half inch from my face and push themselves down my nose a bit, making them completely unusable for me without the strap. Quality construction, they're sturdy and lightweight, wish I could use them as sunglasses off the bike and get more use out of them.

J. Chadwick

Forrest City, AR

RX works perfect

Comment: Ordered the Bobster GXR and got the RX lens and they work great. Very pleased with them.

Mike Haight

Fort Washington, MD

Not as good as other Bobster goggles

Comment: I was expecting a different product than what I received, having purchased Bobster goggles in the past. These are really just a pair of riding glasses with a very odd and cumbersome strap attached to the side pieces of the frame. I do not like them. I did remove the strap and now just wear the glasses, but since I really wanted goggles and not glasses, they were a waste of my money.


Edgewood, NM

Great Goggles

Comment: Purchased these along with a pair of bobster yellow lens eyewear. These fit great and work well. I even suggested these to another rider looking for eyewear.

Cheryl Morse


Nice eyes!!

Comment: Very comfortable with or without the strap. Crystal clear lens, excellent price. I will by the amber pair as well.

Dennis Brooks


Another Success

Comment: I was reluctant at first. I have an unusual shaped face and these fit like a glove. Glad I added them to my last order. Purchases like this continue to make me confident when I an shopping at Jafrum.

Cliff "Silverhorse" W

Marietta, GA

Cool Shades Dude

Comment: Very nice, great fit and look. Really like the way the strap snaps off. Great price too.

Dale Tourville

Ashland, WI

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Why did you choose this?
Jafrum Store
Loved my first pair and I wanted another color.
Wendy K on Apr 6, 2015

The Bobster Eyewear Company makes high grade optics for a wide range of applications from ballistics applications for military use and law enforcement, to motorcycle riding, and casual use as well. These are just a few from the huge selection available at Jafrum.
The first pair today is the most popular style among Jafrum customers, the Shield II’s. At Jafrum, we carry four of the six styles of Shield II’s Bobster offers. We have clear, smoke, yellow and amber, all with black frames. The shield II’s feature a frameless design for light weight and good peripheral vision. Like all Bobster Eyewear, they feature shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses that offer one hundred percent UVA and UVB protection. They also feature closed cell foam gaskets to keep the buffeting down and the debris out, and padded ear pieces for all day comfort. To add a ballistics grade anti fog lens and an ANSI 87+ compliance, take a look at the Shield III’s. They look very similar and are only slightly more expensive.
The next two pairs I want to show you are the Foamerz. These are the original Foamers, and these are the Foamerz II. There are numerous similarities between the two pairs. Both glasses have the closed cell foam gaskets you would expect to find on a pair of glasses called the Foamers, and a shatter resistant, fog free, polycarbonate lens construction. They’re both available in three lens colors, clear, smoke, and amber, and both have black frames. There are numerous differences between the two versions as well. The frames are obviously very different in style. The original Foamerz are an older style chronologically, but as all things in fashion go through cycles, the older version of the Foamerz is actually a more current style. It’s funny how that works. The newer version does incorporate pads into the earpieces, though, making them ever so slightly more comfortable, and the Foamerz II carry the ANSI Z-87 + rating.
These versatile little guys are the GXR convertible riding glasses. They have the basic construction of a standard pair of gasketed riding glasses, but with the added security of a removable elastic strap. They’re available in clear, smoke, and amber, and feature anti-fog, and shatter proof polycarbonate lenses. To remove the strap, apply firm pressure to this little button on the temple and pull the tab out. When reinstalling, make sure the tabs click into place or the strap may come loose. These GXR’s are also prescription lens compatible, and have NXT Transitional photochromic lenses available through Bobster.
For the rider looking for a more airtight seal around the face than what is possible with closed cell foam, we have the Bobster Cruiser riding goggles. These traditional split lens goggles are available in clear, smoke, and amber, and are great for all types of activities that require eye protection like hang gliding or the ever popular poke your buddy in the eyeball as hard as you can game. The seal on the cruisers is open cell, so you get a perfect seal around your face. This style foam is very absorbent, though, so if they get sweaty, wash them. The oils in your sweat will cause the foam to deteriorate over time if it’s not cleaned once in a while. These goggles feature a shatterproof polycarbonate lens that is UVA and UVB protectant.
Next we have one of my favorite pairs, the Fat Boy glasses. These glasses are very snug and stable, and they utilize a photochromic lens coating that turns the lenses dark in sunlight, then returns to clear in lower light. FYI, though, if your eyes are sensitive to light and need very dark lenses, these Fat Boy glasses might not be for you. The lenses only darken to forty seven percent light transmission, so don’t expect to be able to hide your eyes behind these glasses. These Fat Boys have the familiar closed cell foam gasket, anti-fog lens coating, and the padded earpieces for all day comfort.
Next, we have one of the most comfortable pairs in the Bobster lineup, the Invaders. The Invaders combine the look and style of a regular pair of riding glasses, with the comfort of open cell foam usually reserved for goggles. These lenses are also photochromic, like the Fat Boys I just showed you, so they change from light to dark in bright sunlight. These Invaders are available with different lens colors, like amber and rose, which are great for riding at night. Like all Bobster glasses, they feature a shatter proof and UVA and B protectant polycarbonate lens material. Included with the Invaders, are a zippered case and a microfiber cleaning towel.
This next pair in our overview today is called the Charger. These are one of the few models we are looking at today that doesn’t have any gasket around the eyes. These are for the rider who is going to wear his or her glasses as much off the bike as on it. These also meet Bobster’s ballistic requirements. The lenses are anti-scratch, anti-fog, UVA and B protectant, and possess the ANSI Z87 certification. These glasses are available in clear, smoke and amber, and feature replaceable nose pieces and high grip rubber inserts in the earpieces.
This is another model without a gasket system called the Hooligan. These are going to be primarily a lifestyle pair with a little bit of riding mixed in. They have the shatterproof construction and the UV protection like the Charger, but give up the ANSI certification and add prescription ready frames and a photochromic coating on the lens. These have a unique finish to them, it is a mix of glossy black plastic and a matte colored material that has a rubbery feel to it.
Next, we have the popular Condor model. These are what are called an OTG, or over the glass model. This means that they are designed to be worn over a pair of prescription glasses. Most OTG glasses are gigantic and look like they could be used as welding goggles. These are much smaller than most, so they look kinda cool, but that does mean that the prescription glasses worn underneath them also need to be fairly small. A wire frame will fit much easier beneath the Condors than an acetate frame will. Because these glasses are going to stick out just a little bit farther off of your face than a non OTG pair will, Bobster has added these side windows in the temples to maintain the best possible peripheral view.
If you’re looking for the most versatile pair of riding glasses possible, you might take a look at these Renegades. These do everything. They are a goggle when you want a goggle. They are glasses when you want glasses. All you have to do is swap out the strap for the ear pieces. The closed cell foam is even removable for creating a fully casual look. The lenses are anti-fog and photochromic. It’s important to note, though, that the tint range with this model is similar to that of the Fat Boy glasses we looked at earlier, so they aren’t going to get dark, they are just going to provide relief from squinting. They have a very tactical look to them and will look great on or off the bike.
Ok, just a few more for you.
If you like the idea of the Renegade, but don’t think you need the goggle strap feature, the Ruckus might be what you’re looking for. The Ruckus features prescription compatible frames, and a removable closed cell foam insert making them great on or off the bike. The Rukus comes with anti-fog photochromic lenses, but you can also opt for a polarized lens, through Bobster directly, but honestly you start to get into some pretty pricey territory.
Next we have one of the most popular pairs of goggles of all time. These are the Bugeye goggles. Actually, these are the Bugeye II’s to be more specific. These are popular for two main reasons. The first reason is that they just plain work. They are really flexible so the fit a ton of heads. Also, the open cell foam gasket creates a seal with no gaps, but allows enough air to circulate through the goggle to minimize fog. The second reason is their versatility. This pair of goggles comes with a total of three pairs of lenses including clear, smoke, and amber, so you’re getting three pairs of goggles for the price of one. You also get a cleaning cloth and a case with your purchase.
The next pair of glasses I’m going to show you combines the interchangeable strap system of the Renegade glasses with the interchangeable lens system of the Bugeyes. These are the Sport and Street glasses. You get the clear, smoke and amber lenses as well as the goggle conversion strap, a cleaning cloth and a nice case. The lenses are anti-fog and UV protectant, and the frames are prescription compatible. One thing that’s unique about these SS’s is the fit. They have a very aggressive curve on the earpiece to hold them tight against your head, which is great, unless your ears are set far back on your head, in which case these glasses will hurt like crazy.
The next pair today is called the AXL. These are a perfect solution for the rider that is looking for the most peripheral vision available. The lenses on these AXL’s wrap all the way around to the temple so blind spots from your glasses are a thing of the past. They are available in lens colors clear, yellow, and smoke, and are available on Jafrum right now for an incredible discount. This is a no frills pair. There is no gasket or straps, just glasses.
Finally, I have a pair of riding goggles for you that are perfect for the rider who likes to pack light and maximize space. These are the folding Crossfire goggles. They feature the trusted anti-fog, UV protectant, and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, but in a package that folds up really small and fits in this little included case that can be worn on your belt. In addition to making these goggles very packable, the hinge on the bridge of these goggles also makes the fit very versatile. The goggles are able to conform to almost any head.