Black Knitted Polyester Balaclava

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Black Knitted Polyester Balaclava

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Black Knitted Polyester Balaclava

Item Code: FM5011

A light weight mask to keep the cold winds away from your face, head and neck while riding. You have choices whether to pull it up over the nose, below the nose, or down under your chin.

Very Warm and very Popular! This Helmet Under Wear is great to wear under the helmet.

Customer Reviews

Rated 9 out of 10 based on 79 reviews
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Comment: This will match up well with a pair of "Polar Edge" long johns that I have. Light weight and very comfortable. Easy to wear and carry. A can't lose deal for this price.

Ray B.

Covington, La.


Great Value & Good Product

Comment: This works great for cold weather. It keeps any wind off your face and is a must for longer distances in cold weather.


Louisville, KY


The Best Balaclava Sold

Comment: These are like wearing socks for your head. Makes taking the helmet on and of easier. Keeps your head cooler in summer and warm in the winter. I wear mine every time I put my helmet on.

Fox Fader

Columbus, GA



Comment: Thin nylon. Just enough to insulate under a full face helmet to help keep the wind off your face & neck.

Midnight Rider

Phx, AZ


Great product! Fast Delivery!

Comment: Great product! Fast Delivery!

John Morris



Great product for what I need it for.

Comment: I received this just as it started getting cold, finaly. My first ride using this balaclava was at night with the temperature in the low 40's. With the wind chill, I have to say I still felt the cold wind on my neck. But, I bought this for my regular every day ride, which is to and from work at about 10:30 in the morning. The temperature was in the low 50's and this time around I did not feel the cold at all. So, this balaclava works when I need it to. It fits great, is not bulky and doesn't bunch under the helmet, which is what I wanted to avoid. Plus, you can't beat the price.

M. Welch

El Paso, Tx.

Great Balacalva

Comment: Nice warm product for the neck and face. i combined this Balaclava with the leather neck warmer for a very warm combo to any winter leatrher motorcycle jacket. I RODE FOR 1.5 HOURS TODAY IN 36 DEGREE WEATHER WITH THIS BALACLAVA AND THE LEATHER NECK WARMER, AND IT WAS REALLY WARM. A GREAT PRODUCT FOR this Price!!


Doylestown, Pa.



Comment: I was freezing my ass off my face was cold all the time and one by buds showed me this head sock called a Balaclava wierd name but it goes down in your shirt and has a hole form your eyeballs a nose man it works Bitchin I'm comfortable and ain't fricking miserable no more also it keeps my skid lid from getting all sweaty cool and the price is cheap get one you will be glad you did.



Good fit

Comment: Good fit, Kept me warm in the Mts.



Warm Facemask

Comment: Gives just that extra little bit of warmth. actually makes it easier to slide full face helmet on and off as a bonus.


Raleigh, NC

Polyester Balaclava

Comment: Great for chilly weather, keeps air off face, great product for the price.



Great Deal

Comment: Great mask for the price. Wore it this weekend in 44 degree Buffalo New York weather and it kept my face warm. Definately recommend.


North Tonawanda, New York

Black knitted polyester Balaclava

Comment: Works GREAT ~ great price ~ Quality~Value~Fast Shipping.

Jersey James


Black Knitted Polyester Balaclava

Comment: Comfortable and effective with an excellent price.


Atlanta, GA

Face mask

Comment: Perfect face protection against the cold. Great for the southern regions where the weather just gets chilly. Works great as an under garment.


East Texas

Knitted Polyester Balaclava Mask

Comment: This mask is exceptional good for the wind. I wear my mask everytime to keep the wind off my face. It keeps me very warm.


Winston Salem, NC

Perfect for cold weather riding

Comment: This balaclava is great for cool weather riding. As another reviewer stated, you can still feel the wind a bit in low temperatures (30-40 F), but it definitely takes the bite off. Makes it easier to put on my Vega Altura Stryker Helmet, an doesn't make my face too sweaty.


Seattle, WA


Comment: It's more like a stocking because it's so thin. But keeps you warmer and fits nicely under your helmet.

Bobby Joe



Comment: Can't beat it for cooler weather riding. For the price it's worth having around.



good product

Comment: Very thin and light yet it keeps your face and neck warm. Makes it easier to get helmet on and off also.


Crimora, Va

Good Deal

Comment: Great Price seems to do what it's supposed to do. I was wearing it around the house and it gave my family the creeps. Great for trips to the local 7-11 !!!

Paul E. Bahre

Granby, CT

Facemask for wind protection

Comment: Use this durning the winter months riding and hunting. Keeps the wind off your neck and face.

Ben Reynolds


Great Buy

Comment: I was skeptical at first of its light weight, but man for the price you can't beat it. Its comfort and warmth in the cold weather. I will buy another next time I order.

Jim B.


Facemask for wind protection

Comment: Fits great and does the job. Went riding on New Year's Day, an annual event, and wore them for the 1st time. My wife and I love them.

Slam Dunk

Batavia ohio

Nice buy

Comment: This mask is goof for Spring/Fall. It's a nice quality and help to hold my hair out of my way and I don't have to pull it back in a ponytail.. :)

Chrissy Jean

Hopedale, MA

Nice and easy

Comment: These are a great price and comfortable, I only wish they were a little longer in the front or split on neck so they would protect the neck a little better.Overall they do help quite a bit.



Keep Warm under the helmet

Comment: This is the first time I have ever worn anything under the helmet and it does keep me warmer than not having it. As always, Jafrum provides good quality products at a great price and fast shipping.


Portland, OR


Comment: This thing is awesome in cold weather, under a full face helmet or layered under my half helmet. On particularly cold days, I use this as a base layer, with a microfleece balaclava on top. It fits very tightly, and I wear glasses, so getting my glasses on while wearing this and my full helmet is an interesting experience. I actually snapped my glasses trying to wedge the earpiece under the balaclava. Not the product's fault at all, of course.



Face Mask

Comment: I love this item, it keeps my ears warmand also keeps me from having helmet hair.


Charlotte N.C.

Great product!

Comment: I use for snowmobiling, riding four wheeler when it's chilly out and just bought this one as a extra for my bike!

Bad Kitty

Walworth, NY

Black Knitted Polyester Balaclava

Comment: Great value. It would fit a smaller head better than my overgrown pumpkin of a head, but it's a good product.


Vail, AZ

Black Balaclava

Comment: Order this balaclava for my wife really enjoy mine. She keep taking mine.Keep my head and face warm in cold weather. Suprised me so much. .

Robin R.

Princeton Ky.


Comment: Great product as always and fast shipping! I was very surprised when I wore this product as to how much of a difference it made on the cool mornings. Didn't think it would do much but works great!


Buffalo NY

Face Mask FM5011

Comment: Good fit and keeps wind off your face


West Islip NY


Comment: Used the frist time on fri was 61 kept face warm and dry worth way more than I expected as always great product at a great price!!!!!


SE Iowa

Durable and Warm Facemask

Comment: very thin material is still durable and definitely adds warmth, decreases air around neck and entering helmet. Fog can be an issue if rainy/humid. Also helps to limit chaffing on neck from jacket collar/helmet strap. Great to stuff in bag for cold days.




Comment: At this $ what more can I say??? Get one now.


Mattapoisett Mass.

Fask Mask FM5011

Comment: Light weight, comfortable under helmet, and takes up very little space in the I keep a couple handy year round. Blocks the wind from ears and whatever portion of the face you wish to cover -- and even helps a bit with helmet head! :) I've recommended these to everyone!


Georgia Mtns

Face Mask

Comment: Light material fits great under helmet , protects good from the wind.I used in temperature of 50 to 55 degrees and it work very good.

Jose Cancel

Temple, TX


Comment: Makes a world of difference! Glad that I bought two so that I always have a clean one available.

Lead Dog

Hiram GA


Comment: EVERYONE needs three or four of these. I just purchase three. Out for a ride with a two friends of mine and their kids. Temps began dropping. I had 4 of these in my bag and we were all able to get warm and keep the wind off us until the sun came out and warmed us up. They are light weight and take no room in your bag. So worth the few dollars. Plus I will use mine for skiing and snowsledding this winter.

Roberta Fogg

Turner, Maine

Great Balacava

Comment: I bought two of these. One for me and one for my wife. Great product. We love the way it keeps the cold air from hitting our necks. It also makes it easier to put on our full helmets!

Larry Foreman

Chesapeake, Virginia

Excellent value

Comment: Very comfortable and cuts cold wind well with a 3/4 helmet. Don't need often, but works very well when needed. Bought two to have one available for rider.


Jacksonville, FL

Good value

Comment: At the Yamaha dealership they were asking $12-$20 for basically the same balaclava. Good pricing at Jafrum and fast delivery. Thanks.

Larry Ruby

Sykesville, MD

Wonderful Service

Comment: Bought for husband! Exactly as expected! Fast service



I was WRONG!

Comment: I bought this not knowing what to expect and saw the small package and thought- "no way this is going to keep me warm"---WRONG! It works great and keeps the wind off my neck.


Grapevine, TX

Must have

Comment: Its a must have if you ride in cold weather. Its a great piece of equip, keeps your head/ face warm. Use mine regularly. For the price you can't go wrong.



Face Mask Review

Comment: Fits real well but I am just unconfortable with having any zipper or stitched seam on my mouth or lips. I wear it inside out for a more pleasant feeling. Perhaps manufacturers can make the seam on the sides instead? Also, you may still feel the cold when riding in below freezing temperatures


Philadelphia Pa

Is Ok more of Summer

Comment: This one is OK, it is more of a summer one to keep out the dry air in my opinion, it works OK for the cool, however the COLD you will have to add something. It"s light weight.

Ruben III

Orange County Ca

Face Mask

Comment: Does a good job of protecting one from the elements. Unfortunately, I'm moving to Florida so I guess my days using this are marked. A great bargain.



In expensive solution!

Comment: It Works, Its Affordable & Its Comfortable. What more can you ask for!

Matt USA

Midwest Missouri

Good product, great price

Comment: I road with my new balaclava and it made the difference. It was 45 degree weather and it does the job to keep you from getting cold face. I would recommend this to anyone who rides in the cold!

Alex Acosta

Weslaco, TX

Knitted Balaclava

Comment: I bought 2 of these for my grandsons to wear while riding our ATV.They work great in midtemps.We have heavier ones for colder temps but we are very happy with these.


Galveston Indiana

If your on a budget

Comment: This would be great if your on a budget. For the price its great. Comfort is not too good. The seam comes right over the nose. Wish I spent a little more and got a better one. Its still a good balaclava for the price.

Tony S.

San Bruno


Comment: I am using it every time I ride. It protect my face against bugs, stones, cold weather, and the heat of the sun. It is very useful. Go get your own.

Nanie Encarnacion



Comment: I was not sure about this when I bought it but it works great and fits my overly huge head.

Big Jim


A bit too tight !!

Comment: Nothing against the product, my wife loves hers and it fits her perfectly,, she wears a small helmet.. Now I'm here to say without malice that one size does not fit all.. I wear a XX helmet and the balaclava is way too tight. Within 6 miles I was ripping it off my big head. Appears to be a quality product if they offered other sizes.


Joseph, Oregon

Great Product

Comment: Does as it's described. Can't beat the price either,



Polyester Balaclava Review

Comment: Goo0d qaulity materials and workmanship. Very effective to ward off the cold and keep your face warm. Can't beat the price. Great service from Jafrum too.

Greg Katafiasz

Palmer, Ma. 01069

Black Knitted Polyester Balaclava Review

Comment: Has worked well for me under my helmet. Keeps me warm . A good buy.



Very Warm

Comment: comfortable and warm exactly what I need


Texas (TX)

Black Knitted Polyester Balaclava Review

Comment: Nice fit. Very comfortable. Cuts the wind.


state college, pennsylvania

Great Polyester face mask

Comment: Polyester or satin is what you want in material. It puts a middle dent on my forehead from the seam and my tight helmet, but that is ok. These are the best product and the best price!

Phil Bailey

Anaheim, CA

Black Knitted Polyester Balaclava Review

Comment: Great product and price. It helps makes the cold weather riding bearable.



Great buy

Comment: I bought 2 of them and used one the other day when it was only 9 degrees works just greatBy writing in detail about your product you are helping your biker buddies make better choices. Thank you.

Larry Nosker

Mount Mourne, NC

easy, cheap and warm

Comment: works great. Thin and not in the way. Helmet slides right over it. Keeps your head warm and lets your skin breath. I bought two.


Hamilton island Australia

Black Knitted Polyester Balaclava Review

Comment: I live in a rural area and am out in the elements all of the time.I wear one of these to keep my face and neck warm.I just bought 3 more for family to wear.These are great for us.Not to heavy or bulky.Work great under a sock hat or a helmet for our quad.

David Tucker


Black Knitted Polyester Balaclava Review

Comment: This mask is Very comfortable, easy fit under helmet and gives you enough protection for cold winds.


El Paso Tx.

Black Knitted Polyester Balaclava Review

Comment: Very comfortable light and thin

adrian hernandez

perris, california

Knitted Balaclava Review

Comment: This a great product, all-in-one unit; very satisfied.

Wesley Malone Sr

Whiteriver, AZ

Black Knitted Polyester Balaclava Review

Comment: I haven't got to use it yet. It looks like a robbers stocking mask with the face cut out, but price is cheap. I will have to listen to reviews and try it before commenting, but all other gear I ordered was great price and quality and free shipping. Very pleased.


seffner fl

Good product

Comment: Definitely blocks the wind. Most, not all, of the cold as well. Only issue I didn't care for was the seam runs down the middle of the front. The seam rubs against your nose and mouth, seems like they could move it to a more comfortable spot.

Brandon Barlage

Miller City OH

Comment: Always the best Products from Jafrum, my third purchase!


Wind Blocker

Comment: Been riding around NY past couple of weeks this bala is good for me at 40f<40mph. Colder or faster gets a little brisk.


Westchester County NY

Good Product

Comment: As advertised. A little shorter than expected, very comfortable.


Polyester Balaclava Review

Comment: About what I expected for $3.95. Warn and fits under my helmet very nicely. The only problem I have with it is the seam at my chin is a little rough.


Meansville, Ga.

very thin, but fits

Comment: for the price, you should not expect much .. it does provide good insulation between the skull and the helmet, but not warm enough for Northeast weather where I live.


New York, NY

Worth the money

Comment: Can't complain. Cheap enough. Seam along the middle is slightly annoying. Always fast shipping from Jafrum.


Browns Mills NJ

FM5011 Black Knitted Polyester Balaclava Review

Comment: Just used mine for the first time last weekend ,worked better then expected kept wind and cold off my face without over heating my head

Bob Davis

palm desert, CA

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