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ARAI Motorcycle Helmets

About the Company

Hirotake Arai, a Japanese hat maker and now a leading global manufacturer of helmets, started Arai over 65 years ago. Arai is still a family-owned business, with family's pride, and dedication to quality that will never change. His son Michio 'Mitch' Arai is the present president of the company. Earlier, the helmets were branded under the name H.A, but today new oval logo of ARAI has been introduced worldwide.

Why ARAI Helmets?

Arai makes 100% handmade full-face, open-face and off-road motorcycle helmets. These helmets undergo at least three times of hand inspection during the construction process. Every single helmet is held to rigorous standard of testing. Helmets are well known for comfort, fit, quality and safety. These helmets have actually been showcased in art museums as examples of innovative designs. Arai never compromises on the quality to increase their sales volume, but ensures expert craftsmanship and protection with high safety standards.

Every Arai helmet has the signature of the creator inside the shell and also meets the worlds major motorcycle helmet safety standards. Arai not only meets the SNELL and DOT standards but also exceeds them. Motorcycle helmets are designed by taking into consideration every possible scenario of an accident. Their unrelenting efforts enable them to upgrade and improve the protection thereby resulting to an exceptional design and standard.

Features of ARAI Helmets

  • Less weight
  • Excellent scratch-resistant face-shield
  • Ventilation system
  • Softer single-piece multiple-density liners
  • Maximum protection

J.D. Power and Associates Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction Study have revealed that Arai is the number one in customer satisfaction. Arai's commitment to the quality and innovative designs sets apart from the rest. Explore our wide collection of uniquely designed Arai motorcycle helmets and find a helmet that suits your needs. Wear Arai helmet and feel good all day while riding!