The History of Harley Davidson & Motorcycles

Harley Davidson motorcycles have evolved into so much more than just a brand name since their early 1900 beginnings. Their humble American start laid the ground work for the reputation of hardworking and original the Harley Davidson motorcycle still has today. Motorcyclists embrace this originality and express it in an outlaw, subculture society that appeals to a lot of humanity.

Harley Davidson History

Part of what makes the Harley Davidson motorcycle so alluring is its rich heritage and vibrant history. It began when a gentleman had a blue print for a engine that could fit in a bicycle frame. His friend decided to help him. The William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson – Harley Davidson Motor Company had been established.

Harley Davidson – The official Harley Davidson website section with the authorized tale of how Harley history was made.

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Timeline of Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Harley Davidson motorcycles have a long history reaching back as far as the early 1900’s. Once their reputation grew, the company branched out. This type of active business movement is most apparent on a timeline.

Harley Davidson- The official timeline of events from the authorized company.

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Basic Harley Story- The basic time frame and events of the Harley Davidson legend.

Motorcycle Resources

Harley Davidson is so much more than just a brand name. There is a whole subculture that exists around riding these motorcycles and living their unique lifestyle. There are organized clubs and associations but many live off the grid in their own communities. The brand name reaches far beyond just motorcycles as well. Clothing, cosmetics, footwear, and a whole slew of collectible merchandise are also part of this industry.

Library of Congress- Page of Harley Davidson and motorcycle resources.

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I Ride my Own- A website dedicated to women riders.

Womanix- Site dedicated to the woman rider of Harleys and sports bikes.

Thunder Rose Alley- Site for resources for women riders; clothing, accessories, etc.

Motorcycle Clubs, Rallies & Organizations

All Harley Drag Racing Association- Drag races by Harley Davidson vehicles only. 

American Motorcyclist Association- Website full of resources and calendars events for the Association and members.

Antique Motorcycle Club of America- Members are antique motorcycle enthusiasts engaging in charities, bike shows, etc.

Motorcycle Industry Council- Organized members discuss safety issues, IT topics and other issues related to motorcycling and riding.

Outlaws Motorcycle Group- Website of the infamous Outlaws motorcycle club.

Hells Angels- Website for the famous Hells Angels motorcycle club.

Mortal Skulls – Website for California based motorcycle club.

Ohio Bikers Clubs- List of Ohio’s Biker clubs.

Leather and Lace- International organization for women riders.                      

Women Motorcycle Clubs- List of links to various motorcycle clubs.

Women on Wheels- Website for the official organization.

The world of Harley Davidson has reached far beyond it's humble start into something the inventors never imagined. It is both a source of great fascination and amusement for many.

Harley Davidson