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Fly Trekker Dual Sport Helmet.

The descriptions will say if there are rips, tears or anything else that should not be on the items. If the description does not mention the condition of the item, then the item is perfect. These are premium quality items for affordable prices. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • Condition – Not in original packing
  • Size Large Available Only

  • Crossover design combines the best of MX and street styling function to create one of the most versatile helmets on the market. Great for dual sport and adventure touring.

    Fly Trekker Helmet Features

    • New Crossover Design combines the best of MX and Street styling and function to create one of the most versatile helmets on the market, great for adventure touring
    • Advanced Poly Alloy shell construction, combines high-strength poly materials to create a aggressive design that is durable and lightweight
    • Dual-Density EPS liner helps reduce the shock of impact by creating a more progressive impact absorption zone
    • Unique visor shape allows for use of goggles when the shield is in the open or closed
    • Multi-position, Ratcheting Face Shield
    • Removable and washable comfort liner and cheek pads help keep the interior of helmet clean and fresh
    • 16 total vents (8 intake, 8 exhaust) circulate large volume of airflow to keep your head cool. Adjustable vents include: 1 mouthpiece, 2 brow, and 2 rear
    • DOT and ECE 22.05 Approved
    • Size Large Available Only

    Fly Trekker Helmet Sizing

    To determine helmet size: Measure around head one inch above eyebrows and across the largest portion on the back of the head and use the following cross reference chart.



    Hat Size



    X Small

    6 5/8-6 3/4




    6 7/8-7




    7 1/8-7 1/4




    7 3/8-7 1/2



    X Large

    7 5/8-7 3/4



    2X Large

    7 7/8-8



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    This Fly Racing Trekker helmet is a fine example of a value priced dual sport helmet. It has the features necessary to be used for street and offroad riding, at one of the lowest prices available. This Trekker is constructed using an advanced poly alloy shell that is DOT and ECE approved. Dual sport helmets can get a little heavy, because of all of the features, but this trekker is very balanced, so the 3.8 pounds feels light on your head. At Jafrum, this helmet is offered in five colorways, including this silver, and in sizes extra small to two XL. The fit is round to intermediate oval, and the size chart is accurate if you have these head shapes. If you have an intermediate to long oval head, you may need to go up a size. One feature that has been quietly updated on the Trekker is the face shield. Two of the biggest complaints about many of the price point dual sport helmets are shield distortion and wind noise. These problems exist in part because of the pointy shape of an offroad style chinbar. This updated Trekker shield is flared out on the sides creating a flatter surface. This flatter surface refracts less light, offering a truer image. This new shape also makes the shield much more rigid, reducing eye port gasket leakage, and therefore wind noise. This helmet still makes some noise at highway speeds, but it’s a dramatic improvement over the non-contoured shield. Another well received shield design feature is its compatibility with offroad goggles. The shield shape and hardware location allow you to not only wear goggles with the faceshield installed, but you can even lower the faceshield over top of the goggles. This is a very handy feature when your ride has numerous transitions from street to dirt, with large differences in speed. The faceshield is also available in quite a few different colors. To get a closer look at the different shields, click the link below to go to the shield listing. To remove the shield, remove the silver screws on either side of the helmet and the black plastic screw on the top of the visor. With the visor removed, remove the black plastic screws that hold the ratchet plates to the helmet. If the ratchet plates are in good shape and you are transferring them to the new shield, you will of course need to remove them from the current shield. You will need to remove this little retainer ring that is held on by these two tabs. You can avoid removing the ratchet plates all together by adding a ratchet plate set to your shield purchase. Another accessory you will want to consider when purchasing your new Trekker helmet is the side plate kit. This kit allows you to remove the visor and wear the helmet with the shield only. This kit is very inexpensive, and one you will definitely use, so don’t forget to add it to your order or you’ll kick yourself later, especially if it’s the only thing you need at the time and you end up paying for shipping. Another stand out feature of this Fly Trekker helmet is the ventilation. You have a chin vent for fog management, with two diffusers on the rear of the chinbar. You also have dual intake vents on the top the helmet. These vents get a lot of help from the visor, because the visor channels the air to the vents. You also get adjustable exhaust at the spoiler and numerous exhaust ports on the rear of the shell. The last feature I want to show you is the liner system. This liner system is basic, but adequate. It’s fully removable and washable and is held in with the standard snap method. The cheek pads come out with a simple pull, and the head liner is removed back to front, with snaps in the rear and this full width tab at the front.