Battery Tender Chargers


About the Company

The Battery Tender chargers are well known for its worlds most advanced fully automatic chargers in todays market, manufactured by Deltran Corporation. Over 41 years, Deltran is in the business of designing and producing transformers, power supplies and battery chargers. Their main emphasis is on innovation and performance. The work experience with all major lead acid battery manufacturers in the world enabled them to incorporate the most advanced battery technology for maximum efficiency. Deltran has set its footprint not only in United States but also in Europe.

The Battery Tender products include constant current, constant voltage and multi-step charging programs with advanced absorption, equalization, and float maintenance functions. Their constant current multi-step charging program promises long-term storage capability. By implementing the right charging logic algorithm, Deltran has found the solution of charging all lead acid technologies in a right way.

What makes Battery Tender Chargers different from the others?

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Fully automatic
  • Various safety and interconnect options
  •  Safety options have spark free operation, reverse polarity protection and continuous short circuit protection
  • Interconnection options include alligator clips, fused ring terminals and quick disconnect DC output cable harness 
  • Less power consumption
  • Full output power in low AC line voltages


Battery Tender chargers are the ideal choice of collectors, dealers and fleet owners for its quick-connect convenience. They are designed to completely charge and to prevent the potential damaging effects. These chargers are definitely much more than trickle chargers. We carry a huge range of high-quality motorcycle battery chargers and accessories. Choose the right one for longer battery life and less maintenance!