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Powerlet Atomic Skin Heated Glove Liner With Controller.

Design offers climate protection and breathability in a stretchable, easy-to-wear garment Outer shell is constructed of a durable, weather-resistant, polyester blend fabric (95% polyester, 5% nylon), inner liner is 100% polyester and is complete with a heated collar (60% cotton, 40% polyester).

Powerlet Atomic Skin Heated Glove Liner With Controller Features

  • Pro-Form stretch panels permit a more comfortable form fit to the entire body.
  • Feature Microclimate Technology which utilizes carbon Nano-Core heating elements, producing the highest level of safe infrared heat with the lowest power consumption while maintaining a comfortable, even flow of body-encompassing heat.
  • Glove liners with heat control remote include a five-position power controller with a two-button interface to allow quick adjustments of up to five different comfort setting levels and also include battery harness and connection cable
  • Available with or without heat control remote
  • Heat control operates from standard 12V electrical system and heat control for glove liners without heat is available separately.
  • Five-position controller (sold separately)features a built-in lead for connection to gloves or socks, operates with 6-18V, includes short circuit and reverse polarity protection and is complete with battery harness and Powerlet® lanyard.
  • Include garment controller and Y-splitter cable to allow connection to other pieces of heated clothing.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Atomic Skin™ heated apparel cannot be paired or combined with any other brand of electrically heated apparel or control system.

Powerlet Atomic Skin Heated Glove Liner With Controller Sizing

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