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Powerlet Atomic Skin Heated Socks.

Powerlet Atomic Skin Heated Socks Features

  • Design offers climate protection and breathability in a stretchable, easy-to-wear garment
  • Constructed of comfortable polyester blended fabric
  • Ergonomically-designed and constructed to mimic the real shape of the foot
  • Incorporated 1 1/4" elastic band at the top provides additional support while keeping the sock from gathering around the ankle
  • Two built-in guides along the seam keep heat cable in an easy-to-reach position
  • Feature Microclimate Technology which utilizes carbon Nano-Core heating elements, producing the highest level of safe infrared heat with the lowest power consumption while maintaining a comfortable, even flow of body-encompassing heat

Atomic Skin™ heated apparel cannot be paired or combined with any other brand of electrically heated apparel or control system.

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