Why Buy Motorcycle Helmets at Jafrum?

Motorcycle riding has always been for the free-spirited because let’s face it, not everyone has the guts to climb aboard a two-wheeled horse and duke it out with cars and semis. And most people just don’t have the guts necessary to go road racing or off-roading. And that’s what sets our biker community apart. While everyone else is content to ride around in the safety of a cage, our customers prefer the freedom that motorcycle riding brings. 

Of course, being free-spirited doesn’t mean that you should put your life or your smarts at risk. That’s why all professional riders wear lids. They understand the importance of that round contraption that they strap on their heads every time they hit the track or the whoops on a challenging off-road course. And if you want to keep your head intact, you’ll want the best motorcycle helmet that you can afford on your head, as well.

At Jafrum, we carry the best motorcycle helmets from all of the leading manufacturers. In addition, we only sell DOT, ECE and SNELL Certified Helmets. You will not find novelty helmets or low end helmets here and this is done to help you find the best brain bucket for your protection. Our staff picks are Shoei Helmets, Arai Helmets, Bell Helmets and AGV Helmets. These brands are constantly making and testing new innovations for their helmets. 

And helmets aren’t just for protection. Admit it, motorcycle helmets can also make any rider look just a bit cooler than before they strapped one on. Heck, helmets make everything cooler. For example, would Darth Vader have been half as wicked if he didn’t wear a helmet? Of course not. That is why many of our helmets are adorned with amazing graphics. And you’ll also find helmets in a stunning array of colors, as well. Prefer to be more incognito when you ride? No problem. We also have plain helmets that will allow you to blend in with the crowd. 

Jafrum also understands that riders have different style preferences for their lids. For instance, we realize that one rider may only feel comfortable wearing a full-face helmet, while another rider will only wear a half helmet. So we carry the full range of helmets, including full face helmetsmodular helmetsmotocrossGerman helmets and half helmets. We also carry Bluetooth helmets and headsets for riders who feel the need to stay connected 24/7.

We, at Jafrum, also have helmets that have been designed specifically for young and female bikers. The fit of a helmet is important, so you can’t just throw an adult lid onto a kid and hope that they’ll be safe.

Then there is that other reason why you need a helmet – the law. In three states – Iowa, Illinois and New Hampshire -- you can decide whether or not you want to wear a helmet, but in 19 states and the District of Columbia, you are required to wear a helmet. And 28 other states have laws that require only some bikers to wear a lid. So if you do a lot of motorcycle riding or are planning on attending a rally or take part in a cruise in another state, it only makes sense to own a lid. The last thing you want is to give the police a reason to pull you over when you’re just out for a little fun, right? Plus, we think it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

And at Jafrum, we know that you have many options when it comes time to purchasing your new, second or replacement lid. So that’s why we have gone above and beyond to make your online helmet shopping experience easy and convenient.

For example, we offer a huge selection of helmets, but they are divided up into categories, which makes it easy for you to find the perfect one for your needs. For instance, are you in need of a sport bike helmet? We have a category for that. We also have categories for dirt bike, cruiser and carbon fiber helmets, just to name a few. We even have categories for non-motorcycle helmets, such as ones designed especially for our scooter and ATV riders.

And to help you choose the right lid, we’ve included all of the important information you will need in our detailed product descriptions. We also provide you with information on how to measure your head in order to get the correct size helmet. Need additional guidance before you place your order? Then check out our YouTube channel, which is chockful of informative product reviews and informational videos. Want to know how to clean your motorcycle helmet? Well, we’ve got a video for that.

At Jafrum, we also want our customers to get the best bargains possible, so we have worked with our suppliers to get the best prices. And we don’t do this for our benefit. Instead, we pass our savings on to our customers. We do this because we understand that happy customers typically equal repeat customers, and so it is our goal to make sure that we get the best helmet you can afford into your hands. We even offer a lowest price promise, so that you can make your helmet purchase with full confidence. 

And make sure to check out our website on a regular basis. We are constantly adding new and exciting helmets for our customers to choose from, and you never know when you might find a great price cut on that awesome helmet you’ve been coveting. So when you’re ready to commit to a new helmet purchase, make sure to check out our rocking collection. We are sure that you will find at least one great lid to your liking. 

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