If you have an electric start ride, you have a battery. Let's take a look at batteries, battery tech and who kind of battery you should have.



This is the cheapest battery. It also requires the most maintenance.

You'll be adding water, distilled water please, to the battery to maintain it. The caps do not seal the battery well enough to keep the liquid inside. When the battery warms up, the liquid insideevaporates.

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It's not illegal to ride a motorcycle. However, some of the Thin Blue Line do see a motorcycle as a valid excuse to stop the rider.

This is not every law enforcement officer, but enough of them do it to make this a concern for the motorcycle community.

Idaho is the latest state to see a bill before the legislature to stop motorcycle profiling.

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Ducati make some great motorcycles, and the dual-sport Multistrada is a fine example of this. The motorcycle is very versatile, powerful, fast and looks the business. But this 160 hp adventure seeking motorcycle has one big downside; it’s expensive – US$17,000 to $21,000.

But what to do if you want one just because it looks good riding a Ducati?

Well, Chinese knock-off manufacturer Motrac have been making “copies” of existing popular motorcycles for a while now. But they do a stellar job in the “design” and functions.


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What's going to happen to the Victory Motorcycle line now that Polaris is shutting down production?

The short answer is it's going away. Some bikes will become collector's items, a remnant of a time gone by. Some bikes will just wear out and be recycled.

The medium-length answer is, it depends. Polaris Industry's decision to shut down the Victory line can yet be reversed. Polaris may restart production in the future. The Victory line can be sold to another company.

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Most guardrails alongside roads are deadly for motorcycle riders. With large and a high space from the ground up, bikers that has been ejected from their motorcycle stands a big chance at best of serious injuries when hitting the pylons holding up the crash barrier, or at worst, being decapitated (which apparently happens more regularly than what you might think). 

The response from many governments is to place a barrier low on the ground preventing the biker from sliding through. It does work, and it’s better than nothing, but not the best solution. Until now…. 


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Whether you are for or against Donald Trump, his recent communications to the public will not leave you indifferent, especially if you ride motorcycles.

Trump is “threating” to impose hefty importation duties on vehicles coming from Europe (and Asia). Although initially meant to curb the imports of cars like BMW, Mercedes, Volvo etc, it would also mean motorcycles. You can’t impose an extra import duty on cars and not levy them on motorcycles. In other words, that means us bikers.

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What is horsepower, torque and what's the difference between them? What does it mean when talking about motorcycles? 


Horsepower is abbreviated HP. It's an old measurement from the times when the biggest equipment humanity had were horses and oxen. 

So what is a horsepower? That depends on whom you ask and how it's being used. 

Horsepower, in a motorcycle, is in several areas: 

Brake HP. The net mechanical energy put out by the crankshaft.

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There can be only one, at least when it comes to pioneers. Everyone else follows. The motorcycle world has plenty of pioneers, people who were the first to do something on two wheels. Here is a look at some of them.


Who created the first motorcycle? That depends on whom you talk to. Two-wheeled motor-driven vehicles were under development in a bunch of places at the same time. Most people credit Gottlieb Daimler and assistant Wilhelm Maybach with the first one in 1885. The wood-framed ride had what we call training wheels today.

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Most of us are going to finance a ride when we get one. New or used, coming up with that kind of cash on the spot is so close to impossible you can see it on a foggy morning.

If you are looking at financing a ride, here are a few things you need to know and some things you should do.


Hard to believe, but some people will pay the asking price. Don't. Negotiate with whoever is selling the ride. Do not be afraid to walk away, especially for a used bike. Online sites are packed with used bikes for sale every day and you can find one you like close by.

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Recent stories about bike theft, including this guy, is a sobering reminder that stealing a bike is almost too easy.

Here are some tips to prevent theft and a few ideas on how to get your bike back if it is taken.


Esurance has some limited ideas on how to stop bike theft in this article. The best listed idea is to lock your bike to something secure like a tree, a building or street light. Second best is locking the forks and disc brakes.

Before you decide to invest in a locking system for your bike, make sure you get a decent lock.

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Crashing sucks. No question, that's an absolute truth. But it does happen. Here's a list of some famous crashes and who was in them and what the aftermath was.

The most famous bike crasher of all time has to be Evel Knievel. His most famous crash was in 1967 in Las Vegas. He didn't make it across the fountain at Ceasar's Palace and spent a month in a coma with pretty severe injuries. Despite plenty of broken bones and wrecked rides, he finally died in 2007 from a variety of health problems

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