Keanu Reeves, the actor well known for his starring role in the Matrix movies, is now making custom motorcycles through the Arch Motorcycle Company.

The price? A $15,000 deposit and $63,000 more when it's done. For this price, Reeves and his company promise "Each KR GT-1 is personalized to enhance the ownership experience. The forward control or mid control option and a limitless array of unique finishes are just the beginning." Each ride is custom fit to the owner.

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Victory motorcycles, one of the new kids on the block in the bike world, announced its 2017 lineup recently. Let's take a look at the offerings. 


Victory offers 5 lines in the 2017 models, including electrics. The biggest selection is the Cruiser with 5 models. Prices range from an MSRP of $10,499 to $21,999 


1200 CC


Victory starts bikes with the Octane. This is the lowest-cost bike in the lineup.It has three color schemes; two shades of gray, a black and gray with green striping on the tank. It has very little chrome. 

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“Loud pipes save lives” is a common saying among the bikers who have aftermarket exhausts.

How effective is a loud exhaust?

Try this. Park in a cage on the side of a long stretch of straight road with little traffic. Turn on the radio. Have other people in the car talking. You may have to drive some distance to find a suitable road if you live in a city.

Have a riding buddy with loud pipes head toward you from a long distance away, then, pass you. When do you hear the motorcycle the most? After it passes you.

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Regardless of your opinion on helmet laws, mostly like you wear one from time to time. But how much do you know about that lid?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has a map showing which states have a mandatory helmet law, and which either don't or have some sort of choice.

Here's a rundown of some helmet facts, expert opinions and just some general information.

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Indian Motorcycle Company recently announced the 2017 bike lineup. Ten new offerings are on the way with MSRPs ranging from $9K for the Scout Sixty to $29K for the Roadmaster. 

Here's a brief look at what's hitting the road this season.



This bike is blacked out all over except for a few chrome highlights and the pipes.

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Seems like there is a record for everything, largest bubble gum bubble, longest political career, biggest tire. So what about records set on and with motorcycles? Here’s a look at a few on the books. 


The newest entry into the record books was set by Urs “Grizzly” Pedraita riding a Victory bike. His achievement was riding five continents in less than 120 days. He rode a Victory Cross Country Tour. Some facts: 

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As you put some miles behind you, ever wonder who else has to get on two wheels to “just clear my head?” Here are a few famous people who were known to get on bikes

Bob Dylan

Dylan crashed his 1964 Triumph Tiger 100 not far from his Woodstock, NY, home in 1966. Reports say he had injured vertebrae, but did not go to the hospital. It proved to be a life-changer for him as he stopped a huge tour schedule, waiting nearly 10 years to go back.

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In all of my motorcycle camping excursions, one thing had been missing; a guitar. Riding a vintage bike hundreds of miles, taking refuge in a state park and sleeping in a tent; it would only seem natural to knock off a tune at the campsite at days end. How in the heck do I carry a guitar on a motorcycle, though? It’s difficult enough to pack the necessities on my chopper. My mind was made up though, and I was determined to figure out a way to hop on my scooter with a guitar.

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Accident attorneys say they should be the second person you call after a wreck. The first is 911 (or the equivalent) to get law enforcement and medical help on the way.

Do you really need to have an attorney represent you after a crash?

The short answer is no.

“You don't need a lawyer to help with routine car accident claims, if you take a little time to educate yourself about the claims system.

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Getting an exact number for motorcycle v. animal wrecks every year is not an easy task. A lot of the stats just refer to total wrecks and do not break it down by what the person was driving.


The sad fact is the number of wreck involved animals is going up. That is the worst news for those of on two wheels.


Deer Crash keeps some records of deer-related wrecks that resulted in fatalities, but no info on what kind of wheels the driver had.

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Saddle up and hit the trail for a look at museums that are actually interesting. Here’s a view of some of the best motorcycle museums around. 

AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame 

The American Motorcycle Association HOF was created in 1982. It’s located in Pickerington, Ohio. 

Exhibits start with a 1984 Roper Steamer and go through 2004 with Chad Reed’s 2004 YZ250.

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