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Judging from some news reports, the electric motorcycle is about to take over the world. No doubt, the e-rides are getting a boost from the hybrid and electric car publicity.

Ebikes are also proving worthy in races.

However, they may not be everything that is promised.


To start, a lot of people think the electric motorcycles are better for the environment. Certainly, they produce fewer byproducts like exhaust fumes. But they are not 100 percent green no matter what anyone says.

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In the middle of WWII, the Russians created the Ural, a sidecar and motorcycle company.

The Ural is named after a range of mountains in West Russia. For the geographically minded, read more here.

These days, the Ural is made in a plant in Siberia. Wes Siler visited the plant and wrote about for RideApart. What he learned will probably make you shake your head. Rather than outsource, the factory makes pretty much everything.

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