According to the AAA and to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in terms of numbers, Florida is the place NOT to ride a motorcycle. That is because it’s where you’ll find the most motorcycle related deaths; more than any other state.

Their numbers don’t even look at population ratios, it’s pure THE biggest numbers. In 2015, 606 bikers died, 30% more than in 2014. Bikes represent only 3% of all vehicles, but unfortunately represent 20% of fatalities.

Miami-Dade County is the worst in Florida with 67 fatalities.

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Few things beat cruising down a stretch of highway on two wheels. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Sooner or later, everyone is going to open the throttle to see just how fast that iron steed will move.


Top speed in commercial production motorcycles varies widely. Motor size and motorcycle weight are two major factors in setting the upper limit. Other factors in hitting top end are accessories, like a windshield, fairing and cowling and the weight of the rider.

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Finding 100 percent gasoline is hard and getting harder all the time. Efforts are afoot to turn the 10 percent ethanol blend into a 15 percent blend.

What is ethanol? Why is it used? Is it any good? Does it really harm engines? So what's the flap about ethanol?

Ethanol (CH3CH2OH) is not-aged alcohol. The only difference between ethanol and a shot of your favorite at the bar is filtering, aging and added flavors. That's it. The same corn that produces alcohol also produces moonshine. The factories that produce ethanol for addition into motor fuels are just giant stills.

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It's not illegal to ride a motorcycle. However, some of the Thin Blue Line do see a motorcycle as a valid excuse to stop the rider.

This is not every law enforcement officer, but enough of them do it to make this a concern for the motorcycle community.

Idaho is the latest state to see a bill before the legislature to stop motorcycle profiling.

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Whether you are for or against Donald Trump, his recent communications to the public will not leave you indifferent, especially if you ride motorcycles.

Trump is “threating” to impose hefty importation duties on vehicles coming from Europe (and Asia). Although initially meant to curb the imports of cars like BMW, Mercedes, Volvo etc, it would also mean motorcycles. You can’t impose an extra import duty on cars and not levy them on motorcycles. In other words, that means us bikers.

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Crashing sucks. No question, that's an absolute truth. But it does happen. Here's a list of some famous crashes and who was in them and what the aftermath was.

The most famous bike crasher of all time has to be Evel Knievel. His most famous crash was in 1967 in Las Vegas. He didn't make it across the fountain at Ceasar's Palace and spent a month in a coma with pretty severe injuries. Despite plenty of broken bones and wrecked rides, he finally died in 2007 from a variety of health problems

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Lane splitting is something that comes up before state legislatures regularly.

Wikipedia defines lane splitting as "riding a bicycle or motorcycle between lanes or rows of slow moving or stopped traffic moving in the same direction. It is sometimes called lane sharing, whitelining, filtering, or stripe-riding."

So far lane splitting in every state except California, according to Lane Splitting Is Legal. The Golden State made it legal this summer and the full law takes effect Jan. 1, 2017. As of this writing, the specific rules were still being written. Lane splitting is common in Europe.

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As a group, we motorcycle riders need to stick together. We are “fragile”, often misunderstood and we strap on a machine between our legs that can catapult us at great speeds while sitting on its gas tank with little protection. And these machines breakdown from time to time. 

So normally, when you see a biker who has broken down alongside the road, stop and see if you can help. It’s the thing to do. No thanks needed, just do it. 

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The idea is great; fantastic really. Imagine a small free device that can be used by anyone using the road; cars, trucks, buses, bicycles and most important, motorcycles. The device that will warn you when a fragile user (in other words, a motorcyclist) is close to you! 

The device is in fact your smartphone (iPhone or Android), and the free app is called The Bike Shield. 

Bike Shield communicates with other Bike Shield apps while travelling. Using the accelerator function, it knows when you are on the move. It then starts looking for other Bike Shield apps around it. 

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Winter is coming and that's not just a line from Game of Thrones. Some of us are lucky to live in places where we can ride year round, others, not so much.

When the winter doldrums hit, pull out a book. Here's a list of some of the best bike books out there. They can be purchased at bookstores and online retail outlets.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values. Let Mike Werner take you deeper into the book that tops every list of best motorcycle books.

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Motorcycles are left out of the US Department of Transportation's new Road to Zero safety plan.

The biker community's activists are not happy about this.

"We laud the efforts of these three federal agencies and the National Safety Council to reduce the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities on the nation's roads," said Wayne Allard, vice president of government relations for the American Motorcyclist Association. 

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