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Motorcycle riding suits will provide you with the shoulder to toe coverage and protection that you want if you are a serious rider or racer. We also carry insulated full suits, which are a great choice for any rider who plans on traveling in colder areas. There is a good reason why professional motorcycle racers typically wear full riding suits. They offer the best protection in the event of a spill. If you are thinking about purchasing a full motorcycle suit, you will want to look for several important features. The suit you choose should, for example, be constructed of a tough, durable material that is abrasion resistant.

And because a full motorcycle riding suit covers your entire body, it is important that it has features that allow air flow, so look for ones that are created out of breathable fabric and that boast venting.

Of course, safety is one of the main reasons why racers and bikers decide to purchase a full motorcycle suit. So you will want to look for ones that have the best quality armor at the knees, elbows, hips and shoulders, as well as a sturdy back pad.

But motorcycle riding suits are not just for racing. Many motorcycle riders look for a full suit to wear in cold and inclement weather. If that is the type of suit you are searching for, make sure to select one that is insulated. For example, the First Gear TPG Waterproof Expedition suit available from Jafrum offers 120-gram polyester insulation to keep you warm and toasty on those days when the air is brisk. This suit is sure to keep you on your bike long after the other wimpier bikers have decided to call it quits.

Your riding suit should also be waterproof. There is nothing more uncomfortable than riding in a full suit that has become soggy and waterlogged from a sudden downpour. A full suit can be a major investment, so that is why it is so important that you buy your suit from Jafrum, where you know you will always get an excellent price. Shopping for a suit from the comforts of your own home from Jafrum is also convenient and easy.




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