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Highway 21 Women's Aira Mesh Jacket


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Black Brand Women's Flow Mesh Jacket


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Alpinestars Stella Tornado Air Jacket


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Women's mesh jackets are a comfortable alternative for those days when it’s just too hot and humid to wear anything else. And because we offer mesh biker jackets in a variety of great colors, styles and sizes, we are sure you’ll find one here that you’ll love at a budget friendly price. You’ve probably seen bikers and passengers rolling down the highway, wearing nothing more than a tank top and shorts. Wise bikers know that this is just a recipe for disaster. No matter how careful a biker you are or the person you’re riding with is, there is always a chance that you could hit a patch of gravel or an animal could dart in your path. Then in an instant, your skin will meet the asphalt, which would almost certainly result in horrific road rashes and permanent scarring.

That is why every biker or passenger needs a mesh motorcycle jacket for hot days. Although these jackets are lightweight, many of them still boast important safety features, including CE approved armor and ballistic mesh panels for your elbows and shoulders. And because they’re crafted from abrasion-resistant materials, they are also built to be tough and durable. In addition, these biker jackets are also designed to keep you cool. Many, for example, have features like vents that will keep the air flowing through your jacket.

And these mesh jackets aren’t just for hot days. Some come with a removable waterproof liner so you can wear your jacket even on rainy days, while others have insulated liners to help keep you warm when the temperatures drop. We also have leather jackets with mesh inserts for those days when you need a heavier jacket.

And ordering a mesh jacket from Jafrum is convenient. At a brick and mortar store, you might have to search through rack after rack of jackets to find the mesh ones. But on Jafrum’s online site, you’ll find all of our mesh offerings listed together so you can easily compare their features and prices while seated in the comfort of your own home.




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