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Big Black Leather Like Waterproof Saddlebags.

The Big Black Leather Like Waterproof Saddlebags from Inspire are the perfect large bags for your riding needs. Measuring 22”W x 8”W x 13.5”H, these black bags are available plain or with studded detail. These are very sturdy, hardy bags that are made out of a PVC material that looks a lot like real leather. But this manmade material is easier to care for and maintain. The bags have a sturdy, strong construction and so will hold their shape even when empty. And because you never know when you might get caught in a sudden downpour, these bags are waterproof and also have an overlapping lid that is designed to keep water and debris from entering your bag and ruining your valuables.

Dimensions: 22”W x 8”W x 13.5”H

Big Black Waterproof Saddlebags Features

  • Chrome-plated Studs on the studded bag option
  • Sturdy and strong construction to increase durability
  • Overlapping lid prevent debris/ water from entering bags
  • Holes can easily be drilled for easy bolt-on mounting
  • Can be used with SD Bracket A mounting system
  • Reinforced rigid bag construction help holds shape
  • Free set of yokes included

Big Black Waterproof Saddlebags Sizing Instructions

Measure distance horizontally from the edge of the rear turn signal to where the passenger would be aligned on the seat. Next, measure the distance vertically from the exhaust pipe to approximately two inches below the top of the rear fender. *Please remember to allow at least one inch clearance between the bottom of the saddlebag and the exhaust pipe. This will prevent the saddlebag from being damaged by touching the exhaust pipe.

Big Black Waterproof Saddlebags Mounting Instructions

Visually align saddlebags to your bike (you make need a second pair of hands) to give a general idea of where bags should be placed. Attach your barrel bolts and washers to the bags and attach saddlebags to your bike with the fender bolts.

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Most Helpful Reviews :

Great Deal

by - verified purchaser
Never knew this would be a great deal, but when they arrived, WOW, the quality blew me away. I will defiantly use Jafrum again for my motorcycle needs. Thanks for saving me the money I need for

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Inspire 2014 Review

by - verified purchaser
I got these for my husband for Christmas! they look awesome and exactly what he wanted!

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Look Just About Right On My Road Star

by - verified purchaser
Absolutely huge bags, amazing quality and look just about right on my Road Star which is admittedly a huge bike. The bags came with no installation directions though, so I had to screw up a few times and still haven't gotten them on right. Learn from my mistakes! First get some really good brackets, four bolt-hole points or more to attach the bags is going to be your best bet. I got Willy and Max brackets and they aren't that great. Get bike specific brackets if you can! I did the exhaust side first then drilled the holes on the other bag to match. Huge mistake because the belt guard now is going to hit the brackets when the suspension compresses. The fit-all brackets I got don't account for the suspension or belt guard for my specific bike - wish I had really laid out all the steps first so that's another bit of crucial advice: Make sure both bags fit in the same place before drilling any holes! Consider the swing arm movement on the road - the back wheel is going to be bouncing up and down so make sure your set up has room for that. If you get fit-all brackets drill only the top holes first, then adjust the rest to fit. If I had done that I would have noticed the guard was going to mash into the bag bracket set up that was oh so perfect for the exhaust side. Have to figure out now how to waterproof the extra holes I drilled and probably modify these brackets with a hacksaw. One more thing when you install - leave room for the top of the bag to "hinge" in towards the bike. I put mine low on the fender to look the way I wanted but now there's no room to actually open the bag. And my fender is bare! If there was a passenger seat there might not be enough room for the top to hinge in at all. I guess that's why a lot of hard bags hinge out away from the bike, or forward, because of this issue? Overall impressed with the quality but blindsided by the installation pitfalls. Good buy but caveat installer.

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by - verified purchaser
These bags are very good and stand up to all weather conditions, but the seams along the edges of the bags started peeling after about a year of use. The bags are still in very good shape other wise. I just have to figure out what to use to recover the exposed fabric like material on the seams. These bags hold a lot more stuff than any other bags I have had, and they are rigid enough to hold weight of hand tools for emergencies.

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