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SB5003 Sissy Bar Bags for Motorcycles.

SB5003 Sissy Bar Bag Features

  • Two long adjustable tie down straps located on back side
  • Sturdy and rigid form
  • Studded accents
  • 2 Quick Release buckles for easy open/ close
  • 1 snap debris flap to protect items
  • Has a small inner pocket for extra storage
  • Fitment: 8"L x 8.5"H x 4"W

Sissy Bar Bag Mounting Instructions

Universal sissy bar bags can be mounted on almost any model bike depending on the width or height of your sissy bar or luggage rack. Generally, they can be mounted to the luggage rack with straps featuring quick-release buckles. Also, the bag can be fitted over the sissy bar (up to 9” width) and secured with quick-release straps as well. Any additional roll bags can be secured on the top of the main bag with mounting straps that are included.

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These sissy bar bags are made of durable, water resistant PVC and measure 8 ¼ x 4 ¼ x 8 ½". For a point of reference, that is about the exact width of many luggage racks. The 5002 is the plain version and the 5003 is studded. Both versions feature a concho on the main cover flap. It is important to note that the 5002 and 5003 have separate listings on our website, so make sure the bag you want is the one pictured in the listing before you order.

This bag features hidden quick release buckles beneath faux classic looking buckles for modern convenience with classic style. Opening the lid exposes a snap down cover flap that helps to keep dirt and precipitation out of the bag. Inside the bag, you will find a low profile perimeter pocket and you can see the corrugated material that helps keep this bag rigid.

On the back of the 5002 bag, are quick-release mounting straps. These straps can be positioned vertically or horizontally to give you choices on how and where to mount the bag. On this sissy bar, I ran the straps horizontally through the back pad and the uprights. The bag is secure and should work perfectly. The 5003 has a little bit simpler setup. The quick release straps have been replaced with tie cords and these polynylon loops. They do a sufficient job of securing the bag but if you plan on doing some higher speed highway riding you may want to opt for the heavier duty SB-5002's strap system.