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Rain Boot Covers are available from Jafrum, where you can find all of your rain gear at inexpensive prices. These nifty creations will keep your riding boots dry when you’re caught out in a nasty rain storm and will save you money, since you won’t have to purchase waterproof boots if you use these handy covers. Jafrum offers several brands of rain boot covers including Tour Master Deluxe, Nelson Rigg and Frogg Toggs, all at low prices. Each cover is made of PVC coated nylon and a few feature slip free rubber bottoms for walking or riding in snow or rain.

Although if you want them to last longer, it is best if you walk as little as possible on your boot covers. All seams on the boot covers are sealed, most with a hook and loop closure system.

Purchasing rain covers are a great option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on waterproof boots. They are also an excellent option for commuters who don’t want to carry another pair of waterproof boots with them but want to protect their footwear if they should happen to get caught out in the rain. These boot covers will stow very easily in your saddlebags and be there when you need them.

These covers, which come in a variety of ships, are designed to slip easily over your regular boots or your shoes to protect them from the weather. They have also been designed to fit snugly so that they won’t get caught on your shifter, peg or brake pedal.

Ordering from Jafrum is very easy. You’ll find detailed information about each of our products as well as a sizing chart to help you decide what to order. We also have informational and product videos on our YouTube channel. These videos have been created especially by Jafrum for our clients.

Be sure to check out our full selection of motorcycle rain gear including rain pants, rain boots, and rain suits. No matter what type of rain gear you are looking for, we are sure you can find it here at Jafrum at low prices.



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