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Motorcycle Rain Gear Accessories

Rain is great for plants. It is not so great for your motorcycle apparel or to ride your bike in. But until someone invents a gadget that can predict the weather perfectly, there is always a chance that you could get stuck out in the middle of an unexpected rain or snow storm. So that is why you need to own a variety of rain gear accessories.

For example, everyone should own an umbrella. But, unfortunately, they seem to disappear very easily. They get left at restaurants or at a friend’s home, and you don’t remember that it’s missing until you need it again. At Jafrum, we sell great, inexpensive umbrellas, so why not buy one or two for yourself and one for a friend for a gift. And a lot of racers like to have an umbrella around to shield them from the sun while they’re waiting on the grid. We even carry a large one that is starting gate approved.

We also carry waterproof bags for your motorcycle. These bags will protect your valuable gear from the weather and are perfect for commuters who use their bikes to get to work every day as well as for anyone who will be embarking on a cross-country journey. And we also carry waterproof rain covers for your boots. These covers will keep water from seeping into your boots during a storm and soaking your socks.

At Jafrum, we work hard to provide you with the best selection of rain gear, including accessories. Plus, our products come from many of the top motorsports brands in the industry. These are names you can trust and manufacturers that understand the very specific needs of bikers, so they design their gear to withstand the elements and the unique conditions that can occur during a motorcycle ride.

At Jafrum, we have also worked hard to offer the best prices possible on all of our products so that you can order with total confidence.



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