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Motorcycle Rain Jackets

Frogg Toggs Men's Bull Frogg Jacket


You save: $4 (10%)

Frogg Toggs Men's Tekk Toad Jacket


You save: $9 (18%)

Frogg Toggs Men's Road Toad Jacket


You save: $5 (10%)

Frogg Toggs Men's Toadz Highway Jacket


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Moose Racing Mud Rainsuit


You save: $12 (20%)

Answer Raincoat


You save: $3 (10%)

Frogg Toggs Pro Action Rain Jacket


You save: $4 (10%)

Frogg Toggs Road Toad Rain Jacket


You save: $5 (10%)

Frogg Toggs Java 2.5 Illuminator Rain Jacket


You save: $10 (10%)

Frogg Toggs Pilot Frogg Illuminator Jacket


You save: $17 (10%)

Rain, snow, sleet – while most motorcyclists would prefer not to have to ride their bikes during inclement weather, it’s not always possible to avoid a storm. That is why it’s important to own great waterproof and water resistant jackets.

At Jafrum, we offer a large collection of rain jackets for you to choose from. These jackets come in a variety of styles and colors and are available at affordable prices that won’t break your wallet. And we have jackets in a wide range of sizes, from XS to 5XL.

Some of our rain gear can be worn on its own, while other jackets have been designed to be thrown on over your motorcycle apparel, even if you are wearing insulated clothing. Plus, many of our jackets are designed specifically for motorcyclists. For example, we offer jackets that are cut shorter in the front to prevent uncomfortable bunching when you’re leaning forward in a riding position.

For safety reasons, many of our jackets also have reflective striping and are crafted out of neon material so that you will be more visible to drivers, which is especially important when you’re riding in poor weather conditions.

And if you’ve been riding for a while, you’ve probably discovered that it is not always easy to put on a full rain suit when riding, so some riders prefer to carry a waterproof jacket instead. Fortunately, many of the jackets that we offer are lightweight and easy to carry in your saddlebags.

So if you’re looking for a rain jacket that will keep you dry while keeping your wallet from raining money, check out all of the rain gear that Jafrum has to offer. Looking for more? Be sure to shop our full selection of motorcycle rain gear including rain pants, rain bibs, and rain suits.




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