Product FAQ

What kind of leather is this?

All our items are made of top quality leather. We do not sell the patch leather (or Italian stone design as they call it) you see on Ebay for low prices which are cheap and not durable. Our leather is finely tanned, soft, strong and durable.

What is naked leather?

Naked Leather is leather that has been dyed, with no other finishes applied. Products made with Naked Leather are more expensive, because they use a higher grade of leather with few blemishes.

How can I adjust the length of my leather pants/Chaps?

All pants and chaps are un-hemmed so you can cut the bottom to fit. Leather has no threads to fray, no hems to make. Simply mark and cut with scissors. All our pants and chaps are designed in such a way that when cut to adjust length it retains the look and fit without removing the studs and other decoration. Please note that once you alter the product, we do not exchange or refund.

What is DOT and Snell?

DOT is the Federal Government’s Department of Transportation (DOT). DOT sets minimum standards that all helmets sold for motorcycling on public streets must meet. The standard is Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 (FMVSS 218) and is known commonly as the DOT standard.

The Snell Memorial Foundation is a private not-for-profit organization that sets voluntary standards for motorcycle helmets, bicycle helmets and auto racing helmets, as well as other kinds of protective headgear. Snell standards are the world’s toughest and demand quite a bit more protective capability in helmets than anybody else on the planet.

Both organizations have rigid procedures for testing:

Impact - the shock-absorbing capacity of the helmet.

Penetration – the helmet’s ability to withstand a blow from a sharp object.

Retention – the chin strap’s ability to stay fastened without breaking or stretching.

Peripheral vision – the helmet must provide a minimum side vision of 105 degrees to each side. Most people’s usable peripheral vision is only about 90 degrees to each side.