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Scorpion Motorcycle Helmets


Company Synopsis

ScorpionExo is the leader in manufacturing protective gear with prominence on motorcycle helmets. The Nest located in Lake Forest, CA is the North American headquarters for Scorpion sports. The Big Nest is an upgrade 810,000 sq. ft. premise. Over 400 expert technicians get together for meticulous constructions. Every operation needed to craft top functionality helmets is right in the Nest.

Facilities within Nest include Fiberglass / Kevlar and polycarbonate shell molding, liner sewing, EPS liner manufacturing, water-decal production, drying rooms, assembly, clean-room paint booths, packaging and shipping. They check precisely into every operation, attend to every detail to deliver what Scorpion promises: Worlds best motorcycle helmets.

Why Choose Scorpion Helmets?

Scorpion is the only firm to manufacture entire helmet minus the subcontracting or outsourcing. The complete production comes from its own plant. Since it manufactures entire helmet without middlemen interferences, the highest quality product is delivered.

Constructed of Fiberglass or Kevlar matrix shell, the Scorpion helmet is sturdy enough to face any extreme. The interior of the helmet is designed with great quality fabric liner. Fabric liner works as a fantastic asset in the helmet. It drives away the moisture from the skull. The venting mechanism allows flow of fresh air. Another fantastic feature is that helmet does not give out disturbing noises when at speed.

Scorpion's innovatory face shield system allows rider to change the face shield in mere seconds. This convenient asset is the result of their own trademarked Speedshift system. Besides this, Scorpion helmets are easy to wear and specialize in anti-fog properties. Fit that allows helmet get sealed perfectly making the rider look no less than a Greek God. Helmets have either standard EPS lined chin bar that is approved as DOT label or the SNELL 2000.