Shark Motorcycle Helmets


Overview of the Company

Shark is a French company, which was founded in 1929 in Marseille. Shark helmets are the most popular helmets in Europe. In 2006 Shark Company was established in the United States with the help of Texas-based distributor called Tucker Rocky. Since then, Shark has made a great impact in the US market by giving high quality motorcycle helmets.

What is unique about Sharks technology?

Shark mainly highlights on safety and quality in their helmets. Shark helmets offer top-notch protection for motorcycle riders. The technology, which is taken from the automobile industry, helps Shark engineers create crumple zones in the helmets for optimal shock absorption. Crumple zones in Shark helmets render better absorption than traditional helmets. This absorption feature immensely reduces the number of head injuries in motorcycle accidents. Besides the crumple zones, Carbon-Kevlar fiber material used in the shell construction absorbs great energy during the shock. The Kevlar is shock resistant, tear-proof and also allows the shell for easy bending.

Features of Shark Helmets

      Optimal shock absorption
      Super aerodynamics
      Removable and washable liner
      Integrated air ducts and deflectors
Though the Shark helmet looks like out of shape, it perfectly secures the riders head from any kind of brain injury. All Shark helmets meet DOT and SNELL safety standards. Shark is one of the helmet companies to hold the impressive ECE 22-05 certification (World Superbike Standard). Shark engineers have spent their time in doing lots of research work and found out the techniques, which helps in protecting the motorcycle racers or riders head from impact.

Sharks innovative designs with regular quality testing have earned a great reputation in the market. We sell full line of Shark full-face helmets including RSI, RSR, RSX, SXR and more for racers and recreational riders. Experience the ultimate comfort and maximum protection from Shark!