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Cortech Latigo Air RR Boots.

Cortech Boots Features

  • Vented Mycro Tech™ upper
  • Air-Mesh™ breathable lining
  • Vented contour TPU heel protection
  • Padded front and rear ankle area
  • Molded plastic replaceable toe slider
  • VR two colored sole for reliable grip
  • Autolock zipper covered with adjustable Velcro® flap
  • Leather stretch panels for better comfort and durability
  • Molded TPU shin guard backed with shock absorbing material
  • Shock absorbing latex foam on flex panels
  • TPU shift pad
  • Pre-formed orthopedic vibration-absorbing foot bed
  • TecnoGI Thermoplastic toe cap

Cortech Boots Sizing

* Important: The below guage is to be used as a sizing guide only.

Be sure to consider weight distribution, body proportion and garment design when selecting a suitable size.

For optimum fit and control, be sure the SHOES/BOOTS fit snugly.


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Most Helpful Reviews :

Cortech Latigo Air Boots Review

by - verified purchaser
i just received these boots today and i couldn't be happier, real nice and high quality all around. they look really nice as well. i would recommend them to anyone, you wont regret it. another comment said he needed to order a size up but i wear size 11.5 and i ordered 11 and they fit real nice so idk, i love these boots:-D

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Awesome boots for the price

by - verified purchaser
These boots look great and are really comfortable for what they are. I'm very happy with them. They flow air very well. Be sure to go up a size though. I wear size 12 and need to return them for a size 13.

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Cool boots

by - verified purchaser
Boots look nice and are comfortable for the price.

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The Cortech Latigo RR motorcycle racing boots are available in two versions, this waterproof version, and this heavily perforated Air version. Both models are designed to hold up against the rigors of aggressive sport touring, sport riding and some light track days, but at a price point that makes these boots an incredible value.

The reason I say light track days, despite these boots being called RR’s, is that they are not quite precise enough in the fit, and don’t offer quite the protection needed by an avid road racer. For the street, though, this is easily one of my favorite options. In fact, after testing these boots for this video, I’m probably going to get myself some long-termers.

The uppers are made of a synthetic leather material called Mycro Tech. I really like the use of high end synthetics instead of leather in price point boots because the material is more perfect, and won’t have the week points that some of the more affordable genuine leathers will have.

The Latigo Air’s are available in this all black colorway and a white and black version as well. The waterproof model is available in black only. Both styles are available in U.S. sizes seven to fourteen, and the fit is accurate to a Brannock device lengthwise. Widthwise, these boots are going to accommodate feet up to the wider side of E. This is a pleasant surprise for someone with wide, flat feet like myself. Usually, the sportier the boot is, the more precise the fit. This makes most sport boots very uncomfortable for me for the first few thousand or so miles of break in. These Latigos are comfortable right out of the box.

Unfortunately, this roomy fit is also one of the features that keeps this boot from being truly race ready. For most guys with standard width feet, these boots are going to allow just a small amount of movement within the boot. This is a welcome issue for sport touring or even aggressive street riding, because of the excellent airflow. But, on the racetrack, you need a boot to be on the snug side for the protective features to work properly in a high speed crash. A higher end boot for the racetrack will often utilize buckles or other systems to offer some adjustability to achieve the necessary snugness.

Protection is in good supply for the street, though. You have replaceable toe sliders on the lateral side of the toebox, and TPU plates on the tops of the toes. The shins also feature TPU plates for protection that feature a conical shape that is excellent at absorbing shock. TPU material is also used for this clever ankle protection device. This four piece system uses a plug and socket design that promotes freedom of movement, but only to a certain extent. When your ankle reaches its safe limit for flexion, in either the lateral or medial direction, the two tabs come in contact with each other, stopping the rotation of the ankle. A tabless setup is used on the back of the boot in cooperation with the heel cup to keep the foot from extending too far forward.

While we’re looking at the back of the boot, you can see the contoured top edge that works with the stretch panel at the boot entry to accommodate a lot of different leg shapes. Unfastening the hook and loop cover flap exposes the three quarter zippered side entry. If you open up the Air boot, you’ll expose the Air-Mesh breathable liner and the triple density antifungal insole. If you look inside the Waterproof model, you’ll see a waterproof gaiter, and a plush, moisture wicking liner that hides the Hipora waterproof, breathable membrane.

Both versions of the Latigo Boot feature a durable VR, or vulcanized rubber outsole that provides excellent grip, and a Thermoplastic toe cap.

All in all, the Cortech Latigo Air and Waterproof boots are an excellent choice for the budget conscious street or track day rider looking for a generous fitting and highly capable motorcycle riding boot.