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Firstgear Dual Remote Control Heat-Troller Kit.

Firstgear Heat-Troller Kit Features

  • Kit includes : remote, receiver and battery harness
  • Hi tech wireless remote control featuring electronic, solid state design in small box
  • A whole new platform technology - beyond Xtreme to Version X(i)-Remote!
  • Waterproof remote control can be mounted on the bike or on the person, no wires to limit placement
  • Waterproof receiver that can be left in the liner full time including when washed
  • Sealed switch with tactile on/off and 300° rotation providing infinite heat levels between off and full on
  • Color coded knobs and L.E.D.s for tactile and visual feedback
  • If lost, a new remote is easily mated to the existing receiver
  • Receiver is thin, flat, waterproof and rubberized for safety
  • Plug compatible with most DC heated products
  • Handles 15 amps at 13 volts with internal reset for overloads & shorts
  • Battery harness made of automotive grade wire that is resistant to oil, acid, water and grime with automotive-style fuse
  • The perfect mate for our liners especially when mated with our socks, pants and/or gloves
  • Size Receiver 2.5 x 1.75 x .5 inch, Control 1.9 x 1.3 inch
  • Limited 1-year warranty on liners
  • Limited lifetime warranty on wiring

THE BASICS: Heat-Troller™ and Temperature Zones

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Most Helpful Reviews :

First Gear Dual Remote Control Heat-Troller Kit Review

by - verified purchaser
Purchased a full set of First Gear Heated gear for my wife for X-mas along with the Dual Remote. Simple said, there is no reason to buy any others. Made of good quality and variable adjustments are easy to use, stopped or crusing down the highway. Must Have !!!!

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Very Satisfied!

by - verified purchaser
I have never ordered from Jafarum before this order. I researched this product and Jafarum had the best price of all, so I placed the order. I received my FirstGear Dual Remote Control Troller very quickly, and I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend this to my friends.

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Firstgear Dual Remote Control Heat-Troller Kit

by - verified purchaser
As usual, Jafrum shipped quickly and I love this item. It connects easily inside a coat liner. Using velcro, I was able to mount the remote controller on my fairing dash and it is easily reached during riding.

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Dual REMOTE heat troller Review

by - verified purchaser
If you just use and on off switch your going to love this - on cooler days you just leave it about half way and your nice and warm, when its cold oud then crank it up! No more turn it on and then you get too hot and shut it off then your cold again. I love this thing and the wired one is a pain in the ass- you have wires hanging all over the place.

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FirstGear Dual Remote Heat troller - Well Made

by - verified purchaser
FG Dual Remote Heatroller - very well made piece of equipment. Made in the USA. Love the flexibility this type unit offers. Could be moved between bikes without any issues.

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by - verified purchaser
I attached the remote under the velcro of my left First Gear Heat Rider Glove. Worth Getting

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