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Firstgear TPG Rainier Jacket.

Firstgear Jacket Features

  • Cocona waterproof-breathable shell
  • D3O T-5 Evo Pro armor at shoulders, elbows and back
  • Waterproof zipper treatments throughout
  • Inner cuff wrist gaiter

Firstgear Jacket Sizing

Please measure the circumference of your chest using a cloth tape measure and add 1" if the measurement is an odd number to get to the next even number and choose your size from the chart below.Please note all measurements are in inches.

Size Chart

Size Chest (in) Waist (in) Sleeve - Regular (in) Sleeve - Tall (in)
SM 34-36 28-30 32.5-33 
MD 38-40 32-34 33.5-34 
LG 42-44 36-38 34.5-35 36-37.5
XL 46-48 40-42 35.5-36 37-37.5
2XL 50-52 44-46 36.5-37 38-38.5
3XL 54-56 48-50 37-37.5 38.5-39
4XL 58-60 52-54 37.5-38 39-39.5

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FirstGear has been making motorcycle apparel for 25 years. Their TPG, or Technical Performance Gear, is a culmination of the design, materials, and manufacturing expertise gained during this past quarter century. TPG gear is the top of the line. Every feature incorporated into one of these garments works exactly as it's needed to, and its features and materials rival that of product lines costing over twice the price.

The TPG Rainier Jacket is the Men's version. It's available in sizes SM thru 4X and tall sizes M thru 2X. The TPG Monarch is the ladies jacket, and is available is sizes XS thru 2X. Both the Rainier and the Monarch are available in two color ways, grey or this high-viz yellow... Their shells are made of a remarkable, waterproof and breathable new material called Cocona. Cocona is a micro porous material that resists the passing of cold air and water into the garment, but allows water vapor, or sweat, out of the garment. Cocona isn't the only material on the market capable of this miraculous feat, but what sets this new material apart from the rest, is that it utilizes body heat to accelerate the evaporation process. The hotter you get, the faster the garment can evacuate unwanted moisture... These TPG jackets also feature a revolutionary new armor material called D30. In a static environment, this D30 material's molecules are disorganized, which allows the material to bend and stretch freely, making a form fitting and comfortable armor that you can hardly feel. In an impact environment, the molecules align briefly, making the material rigid and extremely impact absorbent and abrasion resistant. As soon as the environment returns to normal, the material's molecules again become disorganized, and the armor softens back up.

The Rainier and Monarch's features are very similar. They feature a two-way, lightweight nylon zippered closure with a snap down cover flap, and a moisture wicking and comfort lined collar. The front features two waterproof zippered vents near the top, and two waterproof zippered pockets near the bottom with hook and loop cover flaps. There are hook and loop adjusters just below the ribs and on the biceps and forearms of the sleeves. The cuffs of the sleeves feature hook and loop adjusters and inner cuff wrist gaiters. These gaiters are a really nice feature for motorcyclists that ride in inclement weather because on rainy days you can wear the cuffs of your jacket over the gauntlets of your gloves. This keeps the rain from running down your sleeves into your gloves and the gaiters will keep the cold air from running up your sleeve into the core of your jacket...

On the collar of the Rainier or the Monarch you can see the hide-a-way hood that can be worn under a helmet, to keep water from running down the back of your jacket. You can also see the waterproof, zippered vents that help to extract warm air out of the jacket on warm days. Notice the backs of the Rainier and Monarch are cut slightly different to accommodate the different shapes of men's and women's bodies... If you flip up the bottom edge of one of these TPG jackets, you can see the zippered panel that can be attached to TPG pants to create a complete suit...

Opening the main closure's cover flap, exposes a conveniently placed waterproof pocket. FirstGear placed this pocket outside of the zipper so that its contents can be accessed without opening the jacket. Unzipping the jacket reveals an additional zippered pocket and hook and loop pockets on either side that are perfect for safekeeping your electronics.