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Firstgear Heated Pants Liner.

FirstGear Heated Pant Liners are constructed of a microfiber polyester (89%) and spandex (11%) blend. Form-fitting, flex panels and stretch action on the back allow non-binding freedom-of-movement and effective heat transfer. FirstGear Heated Pant Liners feature heating elements that cover the large quadriceps muscle groups and extend down to just below the knee. Designed and intended to be worn underneath your protective riding pants, the pant liners are also built to be temperature neutral to allow wearing when active heating isn’t necessary. Zippered micropockets on the lower legs provide access to the internal wiring to plug in electric socks as needed. An elasticized waistband with cord-lock adjustment on each side allows you to customize your fit.

Firstgear Heated Pants Liner Features

  • Form fitting, close fit for optimum heat transfer
  • Spandex fabric allows full range of movement for any activity and fits easily under outer garmets
  • Anti-bacterial treatment prevents odors while Moisture Management wicks moisture away
  • Heated zone covers thighs
  • Pants liner packs into its included zippered pouch
  • Integrated jacket and sock plugs stow in their own zippered pockets when not in use
  • Coaxial plugs engineered by us for best connection possible
  • About 35 Watts, 2.7 Amps at 12.8 volts using our new SoftHeat system
  • Side Pull Cords for custom fit
  • This garment is designed to keep you warm when plugged into a DC power source or battery pack
  • Dual zone heating : this garment may be used with either a single or dual Heat Troller with no re-wiring of garnment necessary
  • Built to be temperature neutral so that you can wear your liner all day and not have to change clothing when you need heat
  • Five-year warranty

This FirstGear Heated Pant Liner requires a heat troller (sold separately). You must purchase at minimum a single heat troller for this item. Socks will attach to the liner with no additional troller required as long as you do not wish to set the socks and pant liner at different temperatures. Trollers can be mounted or not to the bike depending on troller purchased. A remote for heat control is also available. BMW riders will most likely have to purchase a converter for power. The power for these items comes directly from the bike which you must install. If preferred, you can purchase a portable battery pack with optional a/c adapter (case optional as well). Splitters may be purchased to connect an additional rider to the power source from the bike.

Firstgear Heated Pants Liner Sizing


We take the proper fit of riding apparel very seriously. We want you to have the best fit possible and make a very wide range of sizes to do just that. These fit tips will help you decide on a fit that is comfortable and effective.


Men's pants are measured in waist length inches. We've made our sizing to correspond to your 'regular' pant size. If you wear a 36" waist pair of jeans, then you'll want a 36 Firstgear pant. Our pants are designed to wear 'over' your street pants so you don't have to guess up or down. We also make 'tall' and 'short' sizes and those lengths are in the sizing chart.

From your crotch junction, measure to the taper of your ankle. Remember that riding pants are longer than regular street pants to accommodate length and armor placement while in the riding position. A proper fit in riding pants will appear slightly long when standing.

Size Chart

Men's Size Men's Waist Inches
SM 30”-34”
MD/LG 34”-38”
XL/2XL 40”-46”
3XL 48”-52”

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Most Helpful Reviews :

First Gear Heated Pants Liner Review

by - verified purchaser
Purchased for my fiance for his birthday- he said "they are amazing" comfortable and makes a huge difference.

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First Gear Heated Liner

by - verified purchaser
Chocking down the price would a lot, i can't say very much now i had not had time to wear the out fit. it look very impressing, i think i made a big mistake by not getting a remote control next month i will be head to New Orleans LA, the suit will be put to test

Was this review helpful?

Fits Great and Very Warm

by - verified purchaser
All I can say is choke down the price and buy it. Totally awesome. Fit great and you stay very warm. I ride the interstate for over an hr to work and only have to turn it up half way. Worth every dollar!!!

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Great Pants

by - verified purchaser
Ordered this along with jacket liner. Tested at 40 degrees yesterday and it worked great

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First Gear Heated Pants Liner Review

by - verified purchaser
Fit nice and comfortable!

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Worth The $

by - verified purchaser
So I just wore the pants , with the jacket liner and the carbon gloves for the first time ! All heated up in about 5 min ! It does keep you nice and warm , think of it like a heating pad around your chest , legs and hands . About 30min into the ride though I noticed that my heat was gone and the lights on the control was out . I stopped and had to take a look at the battery and found that the 15a fuse on the control had melted :-/ I will be riding tomorrow for a couple hours and hope this doesn't happen again ... It does have me concerned and that is why I say 4 stars ..

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Awesome Products

by - verified purchaser
It's worth getting everything, I got the First Gear Heat Gloves, First Gear Heated Pant Liner, First Gear Heated 90 Watt Jacket Liner, Heated Socks and a Dual Remote Control Heat Troller Kit. Pricy but very comfortable. So Far I drove in 37 degree weather and windy. Well worth the investment.

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Firstgear's heated line of apparel is some of the most versatile on the market, and definitely of the highest quality. In today's video, we are going to take a look at their heated pants liner. Firstgear is also coming out with a pair of waterproof heated pants this season that will closely resemble the construction of the waterproof heated jacket but they are not yet available. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you don't miss their release. To get a closer look at any of the other items, or to learn how to best choose the heat-troller or accessories for your heated gear, click the link below to go to our website.

This is Firstgear's heated pants liner. This heated pants liner is made of spandex and available in men's and women's sizes. The cut of the men's and women's liner are actually different. They didn't just adjust the sizing chart. They have an elastic waistband and a zip front closure with an adjustable hook and loop tab to keep the zipper in place. To use the pants in conjunction with a jacket or jacket liner, simply plug the male end of the pants connector located in this zippered pocket into the female end located in the accessory wiring pocket of the jacket. If you are using the pants by themselves, hook the pants directly to the heat-troller. The cuffs of the pants are prewired for the easy addition of Firstgear's heated socks. You can access the heated panels and wiring through this zippered pocket on the backside of the pants liner.