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Fly Trekker Dual Sport Helmet


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There are some bikers who prefer exploring the backcountry on their bikes, discovering new trails and challenging all that Mother Nature can throw their way. Other bikers ride strictly on the pavement, using their bikes for commuting or for fun road trips. Then there are the bikers – probably like you – who enjoy both riding on the street and the dirt. And for those riders, we offer excellent dual sport lids from Fly that combine the best features and stylings of MX and street helmets into one unit.

Fly, which is very popular with motorsports and powersports enthusiasts, is known for its well-made, affordable helmets. Fly, in fact, began as a manufacturer of helmets and handlebars.

Today, Fly offers its customers lids that are loaded with the kind of features that make them perfect for your next touring adventure. For example, Fly’s dual-sport lids are crafted out of lightweight but durable materials that will protect your head but still be comfortable after a long ride.

Fly has also designed its dual sport helmets to allow you to wear goggles whether the shield is in the open or closed position. Another feature that you’re sure to appreciate? Fly’s dual-sport helmets are designed with liners and cheek pads that you can remove and wash after a long sweaty day on the road or trails. This will help keep your helmet smelling cleaner for a longer period of time.

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