Frogg Toggs Pro Action Camo Pants.

Frogg Toggs Pants Features

  • 1 in waistband with adjustable locking shock cord
  • 1 in ankle band
  • 8 in zipper leg openings for easy on and off
  • Easy to access pass-through pockets
  • Expanded 4" back rise for added protection

Frogg Toggs Pants Sizing

  • Men’s Frogg Toggs suits run large.
  • On the sizing chart pay close attention to the height and weight.
  • If you are a MAN and are straddling the fence between two sizes then always go with the smaller of the two sizes.
  • Do not upsize to fit over your under clothing as this will likely cause your suit to be too large

Size Chart

Size Height Weight
S 4'8"-5'4" Under 120
M 5'2"-5'10" 120-150lbs
L 5'6"-6'3" 150-190lbd
XL 5'10"-6'5" 190-230lbs
2XL 6'0"-6'8" 230-285lbs
3XL 6'2"-6'10" 285-400lbs

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